A Little Life Update…

Welp. I started writing this blog post…and then I accidentally closed out of it and it did not save as a draft. SO… here is my second attempt at writing this post for ya’ll.

So I realize that it’s been forever since I last updated this thing. And it actually feels that way, and to be honest, I feel kind of bad about keeping you all out of the loop, because SO much has happened in my life! So let’s begin with this…

I am finally employed! If you guys remember… I was unemployed for almost a year. And it wasn’t fun. But God answered my prayers (in His timing, of course) and now I have a job! Woohoo! And my hours are great and everything.

Okay, so what exactly am I doing? I am a receptionist. I answer the phone calls, coordinate things, work on some marketing and social media things, and basically make sure the office stays in shape. And I gotta say, it’s not bad! I work with part-time hours from 10:30am to 4:00pm and the day goes by pretty fast. I do wake up around 6:00am to go to the gym, shower, and go to Mass before I leave at 10:00am for work. But I don’t mind it. I like not having to worry about going to the gym once I get off work. I can just have dinner and relax!

So my second thing is that I’ve been pushing myself through my grad school applications…which is why I am working a part-time job anyway. My program will take about three years, and I am planning to take night classes, so I would work in the morning and then after I get out, I go to school! It will make me one busy girl, especially with studying, but I only intend to take three classes per semester. Okay, well, that’s how many classes it takes to be a full-time student when you’re earning your Master’s. But it’s because the classes are a bit harder. Technically I could take more than three, but there’s no way I am doing that to myself. I’m going to have enough work to do as it is. But I will probably be taking summer classes.

I’ll see what happens.

My third thing is that I finished up my guest visits for the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites, had my interview, and happy to announce that I will be starting my aspirancy! Woohoo! Thank you Jesus! It will be quite some time before I can officially call myself a member (God-willing), but I have gotten through one of the first parts of the process.

My last thing is that I cut my hair! I decided it was time to give myself an upgrade since I guess I am an adult now…right?

Well, I think that’s about it! Just a few quick life updates, but all really good things. And now it’s your turn. What major things have been happening in your life?

Let me know in the comments!

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