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All My Shenanigans! My Life Update

Well hello there friend! It’s been a while since I’ve updated my corner of Mommy’s blog. Although I like to think that it’s my blog and I allow my Mommy to have a bunch of tabs on it.

To start off on the updates, my tummy was feeling a bit ruff. Mommy says it’s because I ate grass, but it’s also because we weren’t sure what kind of treats were okay for my tummy. I’m finally feeling better though. Also, Mommy has been happy that I’ve stopped peeing on the carpet whenever I want attention and am not getting it. I mean, all I want from my humans is for them to eat faster so that they can pay more attention to me!!

What else is new? Umm, let’s see. I’m back at puppy school. Not that I’m a puppy. I’m actually turning 5 in August, and it’ll be the 6th month anniversary of my adoption! YAY! A month all about meeeeeeee.

I also decided that I like my crate. It’s actually not such a bad place for me to take naps in. Oh, and I sleep on Mommy’s bed at night. It’s quite cozy and she thinks I’m a good snuggler when I am in the mood for a snuggle.

Mommy and Grandma have installed a video camera in the house, just in the area where I hang out whenever they’re gone. They just want to make sure I am okay when they’re away while running errands and stuff. But sometimes they forget to close the door to the bathroom and I get all the toilet paper I could ever image. It’s the best!

Oh, and I have a boyfriend! He’s such a handsome dog. He is a bit older than me but he loves to lick my face and tease me with branches. I love to play with him whenever Mommy takes me out for a walk and he is outside, too. Actually, I have tons of friends!!! They all love me!

When it was Mommy’s birthday and she was opening up presents from friends, Grandma took me out for a late night walk and I brought Mommy back a dead bird! She thought it was kind of a gross gift but she thought the idea was sweet.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Here’s a bunch of cute photos of me!








xoxoxo, Val


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