Getting a Good Gut

Hello again, friends. Long time no see.

Well, I have some news for you. I am working HARD on my health journey.

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Okay, okay, okay, I know that I’ve said that a billion times before, BUT, I went to see a nutritionist a few weekends ago. The nutritionist is a friend of my mom’s and I loved my consultation with her.

The main struggle I have with my health and food is my blood sugar. I haven’t said much about it on this blog. And it’s not because I’m embarrassed or that I have some terrible diagnosis, because that’s not the case. I just never had a reason to mention it. But my blood sugar not being level is something I deal with daily. I’m not a diabetic, but if I don’t eat every two to three hours, I can feel my blood sugar going down. There’s a few ways that I know it’s happening. Some symptoms I can push through if I know that I’ll have food soon. Other symptoms, which are rare, but happen, require me to have food ASAP.

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So basically I eat five to six small meals a day: Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and then my last snack. Doing this helps me keep my blood sugar level.

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Heres an idea of what I try to eat. Obviously I don’t ALL of this in one meal but these are options:

Breakfast- one egg (I used to eat 2), toast with peanut butter instead of butter, fruit, one cup of cereal (rather than a giant bowl), pancakes/waffles, or a yogurt.

Snack: Yogurt, fruit, toast.

Lunch: Ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce, ham and cheese wrap with lettuce, veggie salad (lettuce, baby carrots, cucumber, celery, and raw broccoli).

Snack: Veggies or an apple with peanut butter, or lightly salted almonds.

Dinner: Mama cooks and sometimes I help out. We eat a lot of chicken, sometimes London broil, sausage, corn, rice, beans, and vegetables. My mom is also on this health journey. She always has implemented fruits and veggies but now we are working even harder on implementing veggies and eating healthier versions of what we already love.

Snack: Right before bed I’ll have a banana, yogurt, or cheese and crackers.

I also keep two emergency granola bars in my nightstand. Once in a while I will wake up with low blood sugar (for reasons we aren’t completely sure of). I’ll have a granola bar or two (if I need the second) so that way I can get downstairs and get orange juice and a banana and/or a yogurt. Once I am stable, I’ll make a real breakfast. This is partially why I have a snack right before I go to bed. It really does help.

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My nutritionist also put me on a probiotic that not only is helping me with my gut, but also is helping with my respiratory functions. I experienced childhood asthma and it can get bad-ish with allergies or when I am trying to run. Because of it, I can walk, and occasionally jog, but running outside isn’t really an option for me. But this probiotic is supposed to help with that.

Another element is my water intake. It’s easy to not drink enough water. But every day I am making the conscious effort to drink water. My tip is to space it out throughout the day, starting with when you wake up, and then no more after 7 pm, or else you’ll be making endless bathroom trips. You’re welcome 🙂

One key factor that I learned about my gut health is why I feel sluggish when my gut isn’t in shape. I don’t remember the exact science that was explained to me, but I do remember that when your gut isn’t in good shape, it prevents your body from receiving the serotonin that it needs to help you feel happy and energized. I didn’t realize that the gut plays such a vital role in the “feel good” chemicals in your body. But knowing that really encourages me to take better care of myself.

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Now, that’s not to say that I don’t have that giant bowl of cereal at times or have one too many cookies. Major healthy changes doesn’t happen overnight. It happens one step at a time. Even one meal at a time. One change is that 90% of the time, I drink water. It’s something that I’ve gotten into a habit of it for a year now, and has become second nature. That second nature feeling is how I want ALL of my healthy habits to be. But again, it will happen one day, even one meal or snack at a time.


What are your health tips? Let me know below!



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