Chris Stefanick and the Five Holy Habits

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Once in a while I get to do something really cool. What’s even better is when it nourishes my relationship with Jesus.

Chris Stefanick, the founder of Real Life Catholic,  is an international evangelist who gets Catholics (and even non-Catholics) excited about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His tour, called “reboot” helps us to take a step back, evaluate our lives, and gives us steps to continue our journey to holiness.

He stands on the church pews. He cracks A LOT of jokes. And he does it all because he wants others to know how much God loves us.


It’s advertised as a “life-changing event,” and that is most certainly is. You walk away feeling energized, ready to change your priorities, and excited to start again.

With that said, Chris spoke of five habits of holy people, and here they are:

  1. Love yourself: We often place ourselves second. Now, this doesn’t mean that we are to place ourselves above God, but to remember that God does care about our basic needs. He cares that we eat well, that we sleep, that we nourish our body with what it needs. “Receive the love Jesus has for you,” Chris said. Speak kind words to yourself, treat your body to healthy actions such as a good diet and exercise. In fact, one of my favorite things that he said was, “Where are the words coming from that you speak to yourself? God or the devil?” If we are disagreeing with God, we are the wrong ones. If we feel He doesn’t love us, but He says He does…guess what? He loves us! If we tell ourselves we are not good enough, but God says we are worth dying for…guess what? We are worth dying for.
  2. Pray: The second holy habit is to pray. And there’s something about prayer that I never realized. According to Chris, when we feel the need to pray, we didn’t think about the idea ourselves. Rather, God placed the idea into our minds. He wants us to talk to Him. He wants to talk to us. Prayer is a conversation with God. Prayer changes us. Now, here is the thing, we may feel we have no time for prayer, and that’s where sacrifice comes in. Love requires sacrifice after all. Jesus proved His love for us by dying on the cross. We can show our love for Him by sacrificing even five minutes of sleep in the morning to spend time with Him.
  3. Share the faith: This doesn’t mean that we have to run down the streets yelling, “repent and believe!!!” In fact, that will most likely turn people away from the gospel. Rather, we all have gifts that we can use to evangelize. Whether in big ways or small, we can all do something or say something that shows people the love of God. Chris pointed out, “You might be the only Bible in someone’s life.” And it’s true. In fact, I heard a similar quote that once said, “You may be the only Bible that someone reads.” Be a light to others. Whatever you do for others, you do on behalf of Christ. You’re His vessel. You’re His hands and feet. If that doesn’t stir something up inside of you, maybe this will. When you look up at God and say, “Why are people starving?” He is looking back at you saying, “You tell me.”
  4. Friendship: It’s so important to surround ourselves with positive people and things. And beyond that, it’s important to form bonds with other people…and it’s not a hard thing to do! Ask someone how they are and when they answer, actually listen and form conversations from it. Don’t just ask as a formality so that they can then ask how you are. Ask and care. Listen and respond. Don’t be afraid to form an intimate bond with others.
  5. Reboot: Over and over again, Chris pleaded with us to stop holding on to yesterday and go forward with forming our relationship with God and others. One of the most powerful things he said was, “If you want to live life to the full[est], cut the death out.” Get rid of the junk that brings you down and the stuff that gets in the way of you and your relationship with Christ. He also said a few other life-changing things such as: “You deserve better and so do people around you.” “Let Him give you what He died to give you.” And, “Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good. He came to make dead people alive.”

You can find more of Chris and his resources here:


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