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I’ve Been Good… I Swear

Hiiii friends! It’s ME! That’s right! Your FAVORITE princess pup is back and better than ever. Man, it’s tough being a cute pup. But that’s why naps are SO important, right? Fortunately, I’m a great snuggler, so my human lets me snuggle with her right when we wake up, and right before I go to sleep. Sometimes I try to get back up onto the bed.


Anyway, my human has been taking me to doggy school. It’s not so bad since I get A TON of treats and I get to run around a lot! Not such a bad deal for a princess, eh?

I also showed my human that I can burp! YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOK ON HER FACE! She knew doggies can fart. I mean, I am the queen of the farts. But I also am the queen of the burps.

Oh boy, and did I tell you I’ve got myself a fine dog who sniffs my butt, and I get to sniff his, too! His name is Cody, and my human usually lets us play for a few minutes whenever we are both out for a walk. He’s a BIG dog though. Like HUGEEEEE!

And guess what, my human has allowed me to be outside of the crate when I am home alone! She still puts me into that stupid thing for a bit each day, but I have proved that I can be a good girl for a little bit of time. As long as you give me yarn.

OH MY GOSH. The yarn. Oh my! My human is convinced that I am part cat because YARN IS LIFE! Ugh! I cannot get enough of the stuff. It’s like my version of catnip. Lemme tell ya.

Also, my human got me a doggy car seat. She still needs to take a photo of me in it, but after I puked in the car, she realized that I needed one because it helps to me feel calmer.

Oh, and one more thing! I went on my first hike with my human and it was GREAT!!! I got to sniff LOADS of stuff!

Well, that’s it for now. Be sure to check out my latest photos below:








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