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Meet Me, The New Princess of the House!


Hi everyone! My name is Valencia, but my human calls me, “Val.” I would say that I am your average pup, but let’s be real. It’s me. I’m the Princess of my human’s house, I am cute, I love fuzzy things, peanut butter, and I HATE the rain.

My human makes me go for walks in it. I refuse to do “number two” in the rain. It’s not a proper potty for a Princess! But my human did buy me a raincoat… photos of  that will be posted soon.


So on the very first full day of being together, we went to Petco so that I can pick out a few more things that I needed. While my human  was talking to the cashier, I decided to poop in the store! Yup, you heard that right… and I am proud of it!


My human is happy that the accidents only lasted for a few days, and I’ve been a good pup about only going outside.

I also love naps, and my human lets me nap as much as I want. I nap on occasion in my crate, but I’m still getting used to it, on the ottoman, the family room floor, and my human’s bed.


Anyway, it’s time for a nap.



The Princess


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