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My Winky Lux Experience

I’ve never had a make-up experience quite like this one.

Over the Christmas break, Mom and I went to NYC and I decided that for us not to be squares, we had to do some type of museum or installation walk through. We aren’t up for the ones that cost $40 per person, although, I may splurge on one of them when it gets closer to my birthday (in May).

Long story short, I ended up Googling “affordable things to do in NYC” and found The Winky Lux Experience… and it was just that. If my memory serves me right, there were seven rooms that an interior designer decorated, each relating to a make-up product that the boutique was selling. And it was pretty cool. My favorites were the ones that make me look like I was in another galaxy, and the one where I got to take a nap 😉

But in all honesty, choosing a favorite one was pretty difficult. Oh, and the actual shop part of the place was absolutely beautiful. It was pink, full of flowers, and pretty lights. Definitely my forte.

I don’t want to spoil too much of it for you, so be sure to check it out here for yourselves.

Mom and I in front of the pretty mirror. 
It’s a winky world! 
A ball pit! The inner five-year-old in me was so excited! 
Of course I went in! 
The wall of flowers was absolutely beautiful! 
A wonderful mother-daughter trip idea! 
My word for this year… “joy”. 
This room took us into the clouds. 
A very colorful day! 
In another galaxy. I absolutely LOVED this room! 
This pretty little tea cup! 
Tea time (there’s no actual tea in these cups, but I love to play pretend)! 
My other favorite room. The pillows were so SOFT! 

What cool things have you done in NYC? Let me know below!


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