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My Christmas Wish List

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Amongst all of the gift guides I will be putting together, I felt that it was only right to include my own 😉 I mean, a girl can get a little something special, right?

This list is a mix of things I have always wanted (like an all-expense paid trip to explore all of Europe…hehe) and things that are currently trending right now that I know I will always love.

So without further adieu, here are a few things I am wishing for this year (or the next…or sometime). Check them out for yourself or for someone you know:

My Wish List

  1. A Burberry Scarf: Keep this in mind, I am totally aware that the scarf that this link leads to is über expensive. So, I wouldn’t expect anything more than a knock-off in reality. I have always wanted a scarf like this one and I actually have one, but it is pretty thin and short, and I’ve been on the search for one that is longer and wider. 
  2. A monogram necklace: I love the look of a monogram necklace! Of course I would need one with the initials AMM. I think that the ones in gold are so pretty, but I do love the silver ones as well. 
  3. “Still Me,” by Jojo Moyes: I read “Me Before You” a few years ago and absolutely loved it, and am now working my way through the second book, “After You.” But I know once I finish it, I will be ready for the third! 
  4. Essie nail polish: I’m not sure how much of a description I need here. Essie is my favorite brand of nail polish, and my current nail polish collection (not Essie) is getting gross. 
  5. This sweater: It’s a really cute sweater! Perfect for fall, winter, and even spring (because spring in NJ is still pretty cold…)
  6. An essential oil diffuser: I haven’t gotten too much into aromatherapy, but I know 2 things: 1- it’s a thing and 2- it works. Anytime I smell something pleasant, it keeps me calm. I definitely wouldn’t mind one for my room! 
  7. T3 hair dryer: My current hair dryer still works, but I have a feeling it only has some time left to it. Almost all of the fashion and beauty bloggers I follow say that this brand is the holy grail of hot tools. 
  8. “Girl, Stop Apologizing,” by Rachel Hollis: If there is one person who has taught me to stop getting in my own way, it’s Rachel Hollis. I read “Girl, Wash Your Face,” and it was pretty life changing. This is her second book and it might only be available for pre-order right now… (but I could be totally wrong). Anyway, I am looking forward to reading this book once I can get my hands on it. 


What is on your wishlist this year? Let me know in the comments below!




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