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Lexie Back to School Shopping Guide!

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I don’t mean to sound cliche, but it’s that time of year again! Before we know it, the schools will be filled and activities will start up.

I don’t know about you, but I always felt more motivated in class when I had really cool school supplies. Having a sparkly notebook for my boring classes or a really cool pen for my English class made me excited to go to school (sort of).

So mommas, here is a little cheat sheet for your kid’s back-to-school shopping:


I remember back in school, these things were so much fun to have! Especially for English class, when you needed different colored pens to correct grammar exercises.  Despite how big the pen is, it’s actually pretty easy to hold and write with.

I have never used this before, but I can only imagine that a baseball fan would love to have this in their pencil case! It might not be their every day pen but would definitely be fun for them to use on occasion. It also seems like you can unscrew the pen and refill the ink once it is dried out.

This one is for the artist in your family! Maybe your kid can decorate their notebook or even use this for their art class! The vibrant silver color is sure to be a favorite within their supply box.


Who doesn’t love bright colored binders? While these binders are basic, they’re definitely color and will brighten up your kid’s day, no matter what classy they’re in. It’s also for a great deal!

Binders can also be pretty, and this one will definitely put a smile on your daughter’s face! She will be so eager to show it off to her friends and will want to use it year after year.

These things were always the BEST! Not only can you keep your school supplied organized, but you can have multiple subjects in this one binder. There is also room to store other folders. Plus, the handle makes it even easier to carry this around.


What girl wouldn’t love this pretty mint backpack? And at 4.5 stars and plenty of storage space, it’s a no brainer. It sits comfortably on the shoulders, and totally stylish! It also has a net on the side, perfect for storing a water bottle.

No matter what grade he is in, your son will appreciate the simplicity and style of this backpack! It also has holes in the front for his earbuds and a pouch in the front.

Like the one above, this is super stylish for your daughter. It also comes with a matching tote and smaller wristlet, so your daughter can have options.



What were your favorite school supplies? Let me know below!

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