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My 4 Pinterest Looks!

This year, I have been trying my best to pick out my clothes out the night before. But after a while, I feel like I am wearing the same old thing. I actually do have cute clothes, but I often feel too lazy to create new outfits.

But, one of my goal is to be less lazy. So lately, I have been Pinterest be my inspiration. Even if I don’t have a similar piece of clothing in my own closet, it still sparks my imagination and I create something new.

With that said, here are some of my favorite outfits from my Pinterest board for the office. Keep in mind that our dress code is casual/business casual.

(Note that none of these people are me, lol.)


While I don’t have a gold necklace like this, I do own a lace blouse similar to this color as well as dark wash jeans. I have a few other necklaces that I could wear with this instead and a pair of dressy black sandals. I also own a white lace top that I often pair with floral wedges and sometimes with my navy blue or black skinny leg dress pants. It’s actually one of my favorite looks!


Bare shoulders are actually nota huge deal in my office, as long as it is within reason. However, sometimes I will wear a sweater or take one with me, just in case.

For this look, I own a pair of of coral pants and a black and white sequin top with this same neckline. I also own a plain white shirt that I can wear this with and accessorize with a cute statement necklace. I love wearing color whenever possible!


I absolutely love looks that include white jeans. You can literally wear it with anything. I pair mine with coral or even my burgundy lace top. I also believe it can be pulled off once fall hits, at least during early fall #breaktherules. It also it great to wear if you want to showcase a statement necklace.


I LOVE jeans…a lot. But sometimes,  I need to remember to dress them up. I can do this with a blouse and my soft blazer. I have also seen people wear jeans with heels, which I think is such a cute look! Remember too that jeans should not be distressed if you wear them to work.



What are your favorite things to wear?


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