Lexie’s Winter Beauty Review

If there is one season in which your body needs the most maintenance, I would say it’s winter. You need to put more effort into exercising because you’re usually inside all day, you’re usually very stressed, and your skin is in desperate need of moisture.

Recently, I have been trying out a few new products…(okay, I always am). I have been trying to make my skin just a bit smoother and make my hair healthier.

With that said, here are a few things that I highly recommend.

[Image Credit: Lexie Metzler] 
I have been using this skin care system pretty religiously since I received it from Influenster. I have to say that it’s pretty magical. I use the cleanser for both my face and even for the acne on my back and shoulders (TMI). The moisturizer has helped to keep my skin nice and soft and it does not clog my pores. Yay!!! Also, a little goes a long way with both, so it can last over a month. It also works well with any spot acne treatment that you are using.

hair mask
[Image Credit: Lexie Mezler] 
I started highlighting my hair about two years ago and I love using highlights to change up my look. But one of my concerns has been keeping the highlights in my hair.

I’m seriously amazed at how much this has brought out my color within the past two weeks, it is definitely helping to keep my red highlights until I go back in the spring time for a touch up. I use it instead of conditioner after I shampoo, but you can use conditioner after you rinse out the mask if you would like. It does not stop the hair mask from doing it’s job. Just be sure to leave it in for a solid five minutes and make sure you do a thorough job of applying it.

…Also, this AWESOME mascara guide!

mascara review
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If you have been following me, you know how much I love eye makeup…especially mascara! I have always been one to use a bunch of different brands in order for me to find the perfect one. However, this guide from is extremely helpful for picking out a good brand. Click here to check it out!

Basically, this guide helps to link us mascara lovers to mascaras that have high reviews on Amazon (smart, right?!). As an Amazon junkie, that’s how I do my own searches: by lowest price and the best review. Well this guide is all about four stars and up!

Only the best for us!

One of the things I love about it is that is has something for everyone’s wallet…whether you indulge in high-end make up, or like to keep your purchases low-key, this guide can help everyone’s budget.

To rate the mascaras, they look at different categories such as thickness, volume, and even the best mascara for sensitive eyes. They also give us the details on how these mascaras are tested out.

I think this guide just may be my new secret weapon…

…how about you?








[Disclaimer: I have not been paid to mention or show any of the products seen or written in this this post. However, I have collaborated with for this post.]



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