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Spring Into Spring With These 3 Ways!

Okay, so I know that we still have weeks to go until spring, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start to transition into the season. I know I am ready for 60-degree weather; who’s with me?

Transitioning into spring can be difficult, since it is too cold for sundresses, but your Christmas sweaters are definitely out of season by now. However, it is possible to put “cold” and “spring” together.

Here are a few guidelines to help you out!

Incorporate pastels 

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Nothing says springtime like pastels! Incorporate it with your sweater, jeans, even your bag. You could even be bold and work it into your shoes! Pair pastels with neutral colors to keep it balanced and the garment the focus of your outfit.

Cover-up in Cardigans

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I have an obsession with cardigans because they allow you to wear something summer-ish when it’s still cold outside. Like the previous tip, go with a lighter color, or even a pattern. Remember to still wear a coat though, it’s not *that* warm out, yet!

White Jeans

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Maybe it’s just me, but I am all for wearing white jeans once the Christmas season has ended. It really helps to keep outfits bright while the jeans keep you nice and warm. It also goes with literally everything you own and they can even transition into summer when time comes.



What are your tips for transitioning into spring? Let me know below.






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