My 2017: What I Learned and What I Hope to Accomplish Next

Before I say this, let me apologize…because I know I am about to sound like everyone else on earth right now. I cannot believe that this year is almost over, and I sincerely mean that. Weren’t we just ringing in the new year like two days ago? In fact, I remember welcoming 2016 at a family-friend’s house.

Crazy. Absolutely crazy. And it seems as if the older I get, the faster time goes by.

What’s also insane is how much can happen in 365 days. New mistakes are made…sometimes even old ones, tears are cried, laughter is made, trips are taken, and new milestones in life are reached, just to name a few.

In fact, I remember making my resolution list for 2017 and if I remember correctly, I even wrote a post about making resolutions.

But before I get into my “vows” for next year, let’s recap this past year…

To say that I grew in several different ways this year is quite the understatement. I want to attribute it not only to Jesus, but also to the fact that it was my first full year of not being in college anymore. Man, post-college life is strange, in all honesty. It’s not terrible, but it’s just a whole different life. It’s weird to go from going to class, extra-curriculars, and then studying to waking up, going to work, coming home, and then repeat. Now when I come home from work, I help make dinner, do some house cleaning, blog, write for Catholic Link, read, watch, TV, ect. It’s strange coming home and not having to crack open a textbook. It’s a weird feeling like your new life isn’t permanent yet realizing you are done with school. It’s not a bad feeling, but when you just spent 15 years or so going to school…yeah, not doing so anymore feels REALLY different.

While I don’t share too much about my “9-5” on here, I will say that I definitely saw a change in my work ethic and my character. I learned a lot about working with different types of people, obtained a clearer understanding of what I am passionate about, and became more confident when it comes to making decisions. A huge part of life is listening to your gut and having the courage to follow what it is telling you to do. For example, in deciding whether or not to post an article and what to tell the writers; I feel much more fearless when it comes to leadership. That was something I really needed to work on in life. While I am sure I have many lessons ahead, I feel like for someone who just came out of college, I learned a pretty good amount.

Blog wise, man, I have learned a lot. My biggest lessons would be to focus on gaining authentic followers, and not just people who follow you so you follow them back. I also learned a lot about what to post on social media. While I am still learning (we all are), I have learned so many things that I think will help my blog really grow next year.

Spiritual growth was huge for me this year. I started looking a bit more into liturgical living, which helps me to practice my faith when it isn’t the Christmas or Lent/Easter season. I love paying closer attention to which saint feast day it is and learning more about them. I have also made more of an effort to ask for their intercession in prayer. Another change I made was going to confession more frequently. I went in 2016, but in 2017, I really tried to go once a month. Honestly, it was one of the best choices I have made so far. It feels good to “get the gunk out” and start over fresh. I also made an effort to read more about Catholicism. Whether it was a book or an article that I found through social media, I learned a lot more about Church history, law, and some cool facts. My friend once told me that the more you learn, the more you love it; he was so right! Because of this, I have become a huge lover of relics and Pope John Paul II. I’m planning to dive deeper into those topics in 2018.

Another change I made was praying the rosary more. While I still don’t have the mysteries memorized (yet), I did learn how to start the rosary, which was something I used to have so much trouble doing. I finally got it figured out in May when I took the challenge to pray the rosary every day! It was an awesome devotion and I am so excited to do it again next May.

I am excited for more growth in 2018.

My last area of growth has been in my health. I finally am getting into a better pattern of eating well and exercising more frequently. I used to focus so much on cardio, but now have a love for weights/using machines. I definitely feel like cutting down on cardio and using weights to better target the areas of my body that I want to tone up on has been helping me. My biggest target right now is my abs, so I have been doing a lot of workouts that involve crunches and ab twists.

When it comes to food, I have been trying to cut down on carbs. Your body does need them, but I am trying to make my diet a bit more protein focused. So far, my favorite thing to eat is scrambled eggs, sometimes with sausage or turkey bacon. I am also making sure that I drink more water, cut down on soda (A LOT) and drink fruit juice in moderation.

It seems to be working, but taking it super seriously has been more of a recent thing, and it takes some time to really see results.

With all this said, here are some of my resolutions for 2018:

  • Maintain my workout and “diet”
  • Spend more time reading Catholic-based literature and spending time in scripture
  • Spend more time reading in general
  • Try to expand on the foods I eat. I am a picky eater because most vegetables taste disgusting to me, but finding different ways to eat what I love will be my new goal
  • Focus on the present. It is so easy for me to think about my to-do list for the next week, or even for when I get home. But those things will always be coming in my direction, so enjoy the now
  • Maintain my blogging schedule (amongst other goals I have for my blog)
  • Be more creative and adventurous. I definitely want to have some adventures in 2018. While I may not be able to visit Europe anytime next year, there are so many other ways for me to explore the world around me
  • Continue learning Italian


I also have goals for my blog. Some of them include installing a “subscribe” button, making sure my blog is more mobile friendly, updating the appearance, and hopefully doing some collaborations (THAT. WOULD. BE. AWESOME!) But until then, I am taking my lessons learned from this year and applying them so that my blog is even better in 2018. Oh…and I definitely plan on replying more to the comments on my blog posts!

I know I am excited for 2018. Are you?

What are your goals? Comment below.



Thanks for a wonderful year! XO!


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