Lexie’s Gift Guide for “Everyone Else”

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Priests and nuns, co-workers, teachers, and other community members. Depending on how well you know them, they can be so tricky to shop for! However, you want to show these people how much you appreciate them, and of course, while we should always show our appreciation, Christmas is such a prime time.

Priests and Nuns 

I’m sure one of the first thoughts you have when it comes to giving gifts to those in religious life is to gift them a rosary. And while I’m sure they will always graciously accept one, and appreciate you thinking of them (hello, they love Mama Mary), it can kind of be a biiiitttt of a cliche. Of course if you really don’t know your local religious life members very well but you still want to give them gifts, then it’s alright. But if you do know them, get creative!

(Also- a great alternative is to invite them to your Christmas festivities during the month, especially if they are far away from their families!)

-Gift cards: Several members of religious life love to read, cook, or may need a little help with their personal expenses. I know a lot of people feel weird about gifting money to people for Christmas (especially me), but believe it or not, it’s actually perfect for people in religious life! Great options include Barnes and Noble, a restaurant, the movies, one to their local grocery store, Walmart/Target, or even just a Visa so they can buy what they need! Also, don’t be afraid to get them a gift card for gas–they do drive, and sometimes, a LOT!

-Tickets: Believe it or not, they are like other people…they do enjoy sports (yes, even nuns). While their schedules can be crazy busy, it’s not impossible for them to go to a game. You can also get them tickets for something like a museum they haven’t been to if they’re into the arts/culture. A lot of priests mention their hobbies in their homilies, so think back to them!

-Coffee: I can only imagine how much coffee they run on. Enough said, right? Check out these coffee brands:

Check out their wishlists: Some religious communities create and share a wishlist for the Christmas season…usually things that they need for the rectory or even their ministry. Check it out!

-Adopt a nun: Believe it or not, you can actually adopt a nun…okay, not necessarily legally, but you can provide monetary support for them. You can do so by either sending in a single donation, or making a pledge for the year by donating a certain amount to a nun every month.

Other religious gifts: If you are still stuck, consider checking out a religious store for items like these:

A statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus

A very funny sign!

This pretty praying angel

This lovely mug

This water bottle (for that priest who loves a good laugh).

And this awesome statue of St. Padre Pio!

Teachers, co-workers, and other community members

Whether it’s your professor,  your kid’s teacher, the person in the cube next to you in the office, or even the mailman, they all deserve to be shown a little bit of appreciation. For teachers, they definitely appreciate gift cards to places that sell teaching/classroom supplies such as The Learning Express and Barnes and Noble. But they would also appreciate a Dunkin or Starbuck’s giftcard, too!

For the other community members and co-workers, a little gift basket works, or even just a little snack tin work well. Check out these options below:

Because who doesn’t love chocolate?!

A perfect tin of popcorn.

And another…

And this last one!

Pretzels work as well!

This one has a variety of treats!

This one as well!

And last but not least, this one! I have had this myself and it was SO GOOD!!

Other great options include those cute little mugs and hot chocolate that come in the shrink wrap, or even a little fruit basket.



What do you give others for Christmas?





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