Lexie’s Holiday Gift Guide for Mama!

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It’s that time of year again!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hannukah, gifts are a way to show that someone special in your life that you not only love and care about them, but that you are grateful for them in your life!

Shopping for gifts is no easy task. You try to stay on a budget, but you see that perfect gift that you know your best friend would absolutely love. Or, you know your boyfriend has been wanting that new game and all you want is to see his eyes light up (which is a Christmas gift alone)!

…How about your Mama?

Let’s be real, Mom deserves a LOT more than we give her, and this holiday season is an awesome time to say thank you to her!

Don’t know what to get her?

Well, have no fear, because Lexie’s Holiday gift guide for Mama is FINALLY here!

Here are some cool gift ideas for Mama:

So this will totally take all of the dead skin off Mama’s feet, making them baby soft and smooth. I’m sure she will love it. Heck, maybe she’ll ask you to join in on the fun and you two can have some mother-daughter time!

What’s a spa night without a little aroma? This essential oil diffuser will help her feel like she is at the spa! All you need is to dim the lights and you are good to go.

Okay, so this totally works for a stocking stuffer! Plus the smiley faces on this are actually pretty funny. This works for an at-home kit, or for on-the-go as well! Those smiley faces are making me smile.

Forget the parchment paper– these silicone non-stick sheets are perfect for baking! Just roll them on the pan and you’re good to go. Plus, it will shorten clean up time!

For that Mama who loves to decorate cakes with awesome boarders! These fun tips will help make every type of dessert look extra tasty!


Nothing like a little pot of tea at the end of the day! Check out this one for Momma! You just pour the tea leaves inside and there you go!

Okay, how cute is this pitcher?! To be honest, I kind of want it for myself! I love the textured design it has and I love the rose gold vibe it gives off. It’s so pretty and will look great on the dining room table!

These socks are way too funny! Once Mama is lying down on the couch, she’s not getting back up. I mean, she deserves to be served, after all 🙂

Mamma needs a wine glass to go with those socks! This wine glass will bring a smile to her face before she even takes a sip…maybe even a laugh, too!

This one is for Mamas who love prayerful gifts! Let your Mama know that she is a gift from God this season!



What are you thinking of getting Mama this year?






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