Self Worth is Not a Double Tap

I started blogging about 8 months ago, and I’ve learned a few things: be yourself, step outside the box, and your social media popularity can become more important to you than you thought it would.

Sometimes, our worth as bloggers comes from statistics. We are constantly checking to see how many people read our article this week (okay, I guess that makes sense). But, we are also looking at that number next to our IG handle…and as I’ve come to learn, we want that “followers” number to be larger than the number of people we follow.

I get it.

From trying to get the attention of companies so that we can get a sponsored post, wanting PR agencies to send us packages (I mean, who doesn’t want free stuff?), and the validation of ourselves that we are searching for—social media can make us super self-conscious.

Every photo has to be perfect: the objects in the perfect position, our own appearance looking flawless, and using the right filter. And the effort it takes to make everything look just right can be so tiresome.

Sometimes I feel it’s as if we don’t want the people around us to realize that we are human.

Have we been putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves? What would happen if we all just decided to be unfiltered?

Now, I get that we want our photos to look nice, so I don’t mean that in the most literal sense… but what if we just decided not to worry about it as much?

Is the idea of just letting it go difficult because we base our worth off a number?

Even though I have been blogging for less than a year, I have been working hard to grow my Instagram. It’s difficult. But no matter what, it’s so important to remember that at the end of the day, the number of “likes” and followers that you have is honestly meaningless. Of course, you may have some legitimate fans and those are awesome (shout out to mine!). But otherwise, it’s just a number.

In fact, I learned that a lot of the time, bloggers will follow your social media, and once you follow them  back, they unfollow you. ☹
But if this really bothers us in our hearts, perhaps we need to remember that our worth does not come from numbers.

For me, my worth comes from what I believe, Christ and His sacrifice on the cross.  My faith reminds me that I am worth dying for.

Whatever you believe in, you are on this earth for a reason, and that reason is not based off a number from your social media account. Yes, we want to be successful with our blogs, but our lives inside of our smartphones do not define us.

And to be honest, that makes me happy.

We’re put on this earth to be great daughters or sons, to help others in need, and to explore and live out what we believe this life means. Real love isn’t a double tap on an Instagram photo.

In fact, you are worth more than an Instagram like, or even a re-tweet on Twitter.

I’m not saying never to edit a photo or work hard when it comes to staging things. In fact, it can be a lot of fun.

What I am saying is that when you do, remember that the reaction that you get from a post does not define you.


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