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DIY: Little Last Minute Fall Things

If you are a Jersey girl like me, you’re probably having difficulty getting in the mood for fall. It’s not exactly pumpkin spice latte or sweater weather season. In fact, the last time the temperature was like this, there were cherry blossoms blooming on the trees, and I’m pretty sure it was May.

However, the Halloween season should still be enjoyed. Whether it’s by dressing up and stuffing your face with candy, watching spooky movies, or decorating your house with all things pumpkin, there is something for everyone.

Now, you might have procrastinated a bit with getting ready for Halloween. But have no fear (get it?), here are a few ideas to help you get ready for October 31st.

One of the simplest ways to get into the Halloween spirit is by decorating your front porch. My family and I kept it pretty simple as far as the outside, but sometimes less can be more. Plus, since there are no little kids in our house, we aren’t really into going “all out”. When I went pumpkin picking, I picked out a bunch of pumpkins, including these two white ones and a medium orange one. We also hung up a full fall wreath! Very simple, but we love how it looks. We do have a few other decorations, and I’m not sure if we will actually put them out, but honestly, I like how this looks. It’s classy.

We also decorated our dining room. Keep in mind that my mom and I live in a condo community, so we don’t really have a lot of space to decorate. In our old house, we put some sort of decoration in every room of the house, but in this instance, we didn’t have the space to do so.

Yesterday, I picked out a bouquet of flowers and it really ties in the room nicely. It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with flowers. All you need is a nice vase and you are good to go!

I also used the miniature pumpkins and put them in a bowl. You can also put them in a vase as well or really, put them in a cluster anywhere. We also put a couple of gourds in a bowl as well.  It looks really nice!

My last tiny tip is to use some festive glasses, plates, silverware, ect. My mom won a set of spooky glasses and we are using them as decoration on the table. Even if you don’t actually use them, it still looks so cute.



What are your last minute DIY tips for Halloween prep? Let me know in the comments below.





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  • pwcamy

    I’m loving the little pumpkins (I bought several this year)! I also have been eyeing up those white ones! We put yellow mums on our deck and pumpkins – simple yet festive! Fall is such an awesome time of year!

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