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Lexie’s Fall Accessories Look Book (2017)

Fall lovers are always eager to swap out their summer pieces for fall ones. Short sleeves are replaced with long sleeves, light cardigans are replaced with heavy wool sweaters, and shorts are swapped for our favorite pair of jeans.

But what’s an outfit without great accessories to accompany it? Accessories can change the entire tone of an outfit. It can make an outfit go from day to night and from work to a night out with friends.

When it comes to my own accessories, most of my earrings and bracelets can be worn year-round…but I do have a few that are designed for certain seasons. However, I do wear completely different necklaces, change out my bag, switch my shoes, and add a scarf!

Here are my favorite pieces for fall (some of these pieces can be used for transitioning into winter as well).


For fall jewelry, there are a couple of things that I love: prints, textures, burgundy, and gold. Fall is also one of the few times that I wear gold since I generally prefer silver, but it looks nice with all the darker colors. I also only really wear green in the fall. True story– green is actually my LEAST favorite color, but with the right shade of it (a darker green), I actually don’t mind it as much.

A lot of my jewelry comes from Plato’s Closet, but I also love the accessories from Dress Barn. I got these pieces from a mix of places, but I know for sure that the first necklace and the one below it are both from Plato’s Closet, while the bottom right one is from Dress Barn.

Since fall (and winter) is the season for layering, I prefer necklaces that are long. The bottom two are my favorite necklaces since I am a sucker for statement necklaces and things that include a touch of animal print.

I can never remember where I get jewelry from, but for the sake of this blog, I’ll try to remember.

I also love earrings that dangle just a little bit. I used to wear hoop earrings all of the time, but I actually don’t like them anymore. I haven’t really worn them since I graduated high school, but maybe I will give them another try.


What girl does not love shoes?!

I love these shoes: one pair of high-knees, one pair of ankle booties, and a trusty pair of flats. I do own a black pair of boots, but you will see them in my winter post since I don’t wear them until December. I prefer brown footwear for fall– it just think it goes more with fall. All my black shoes come out in winter. Although I do have a pair of black flats that I can wear year round, but I usually try not to wear them out of season. My high-knee boots I got from Lord and Taylor, my ankle booties are from Plato’s Closet, and the American Eagle ones are from Payless.

Shoes do need a bit of extra care since you walk in them all day long, so they can get worn and stretched out very quickly. Try to remove any stains ASAP and don’t be afraid to get the heels of your shoes fixed once the season is over.

Also, flats are not meant for the snow. (I say this because in Jersey, snow can come as early as Halloween.)



Here are just a few of my fall bags. I chose them mostly for style reasons.

I love tote bags and my Vera Bradley one is such a pretty color for fall. I love the dark fuchsia color and I can carry just about anything I need without the bag being too over-sized. The straps don’t hurt my shoulder and it has a nice big pocket on the inside. (Pockets are the BEST!)

The brown bag is great for classier, plain outfits. I use it whenever I need to travel for work or  anywhere where I need to have a classy look over a fun one. It looks small, but you would be surprised how much stuff I am able to fit inside! I got it from Plato’s Closet.

My trust black clutch can only fit the necessities, but it has a chain on the inside that allows me to wear it over my shoulder. The black allows me to wear it with virtually any outfit. You can technically use it for any season, but again, I try to save darker colors for the fall and winter seasons. I recently used it for a wedding I attended and it fit everything perfectly. This clutch has a place for my license and other important cards. I can also fit my Chapstick, Tide-to-Go stick, a little bit of cash, portable phone charger (yep), and car key. I can even squeeze in a small tube of concealer, but it’s not the most flexible bag so I can’t stuff too much into it. I got this clutch from DSW.



I love scarves, and the second it is chilly outside, I have a scarf on! I own a variety of them: knitted, fleece, long, short, and infinity. I usually stick with solid color scarves, but I couldn’t resist the knock-off Burberry one.

My two favorites are the pink and the green, although I can only wear the pink one with certain outfits. My navy blue one I have owned for years and I remember getting it from Forever 21.

The mustard yellow one is from Kohls and all of the other ones were gifts.



So, I JUST got this hat and I haven’t had a chance to wear it because the weather hasn’t been warm enough lately for fall outfits. But once the temperature drops below 50 degrees, that thing will be on my head. I got it from Kohls and it *might* still be there…but I am not completely sure.

I’m so excited to wear it. It will look great with a pea coat or even a heavy jacket.


What are your fall staples?



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(DISCLAIMER: I am not being paid to promote any of the products or companies shown or mentioned in this post.)


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