Work Life: What to Keep in Your Cube

Your job. It can be exhausting. 
Especially when it comes to office life. You spend eight hours a day staring at a screen, completing paper work, and waiting for HR to email you saying the break room has snacks. 

Some people work from home a few days week, so they don’t need much. But then there’s people like me…in the office, every day. And if you’re like me, you basically have a house shoved in the four drawers of your cube. It sounds ridiculous, until you need stuff.

Here are some things I keep in my work space:

  • Pain killers: headaches are oh-so-wonderful. Whether you get one from staring at your screen for four hours, are sick, or you just slept in a weird position, keeping a bottle in your cube may just save the day. Just be sure to only take one if you *really* need to. Try to avoid the taking one for a minor ache. To be honest, I haven’t used mine in two months. But it is good to know I have it.
  • Phone charger: I don’t know about you, but my phone’s battery stinks. Keep one in your cube and you’ll never need to worry about your phone dying again. It doesn’t even need to be expensive. Mine was under $10 from Walmart.
  • Some snacks: I bring food to work, but sometimes you may just forget to pack your granola bar. Keep a box of granola bars, or another snack that won’t expire after two weeks. 
  • Air freshener: I can’t spray anything at work, but having a small scent diffuser of some sort can help keep your cubical smelling nice and fresh. 
  • Lysol wipes: I love having a clean work space and about once per week I take a few minutes to wipe my area down. Between the hands you shake and the bathroom door, Lord knows what you are touching at work.
  • Hand cream: I keep a nice bottle of Aveeno on my desk. The water at work dries my hands, plus the cold weather doesn’t help. I love to squirt some on once or twice per day. 
  • Inspirational decoration: I keep a picture of my favorite saint, a cross, and a cute little plant on my desk. I also have a bunch of photos that I love to look at throughout the day. It keeps me going! 
  • Ear buds: I work in media, so I often need to watch videos. Or, sometimes when I am doing busy work, I listen to music. Keeping an extra pair in your drawer never hurts!
  • A mug: I love hot chocolate once it is cold. Plus, they just look nice. Keep a mug or two on you desk! You can also use one to hold office supplies. 
  • Hand sanitizer: Again, I like to be clean! 
  • A physical calendar: despite living in the digital age, I still love to go old school and keep a nice big calendar on my desk! I write down deadlines, days off, and even my plans for after work. It helps me see the bigger picture of everything! 

What do you keep at yours? Let me know below!



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