Lexie’s Big August Beauty Review!

August was full of getting to try out new beauty products…why can’t every month be like that?

This summer, I joined Influenster and I’m hooked. I’ve only been part of it since July (…I think?) and it’s actually been a lot of fun! Plus, who doesn’t love receiving an email saying they’re about to receive a box full of free stuff?!

Count me in? That’s what I thought!

I also checked out an event that bareMinerals was hosting and got a foundation (matched by a pro) as well as a few other items in a swag bag. SO much fun!

Here are the items I got in my box from Influenster:

Influenster Shimmer VoxBox
[Image Credit: Lexie Metzler]
This box was full of so many amazing goodies! This box’s items included:

-A dry shampoo by eva nyc

-Pretty press-on nails from imPRESS

-A lip and eye cream from nyakio

-A small tube of Vera Wang Embrace

-A box of Sour Punch Straws (okay, not a beauty product, but SO tasty!)

My thoughts:

Dry Shampoo 

I discovered dry shampoo about a year ago and I wish I knew about it years ago. An actual lifesaver for those night when you just want to rinse your body off because you’re too tired to wash your hair… or you’re just way too lazy. Actually, studies have shown that it’s better to not wash your hair every single day. However, that doesn’t mean that it still can’t look fresh (no one has to know that you didn’t exactly wash your hair).

This can by eva nyc worked like a charm and it’s small enough that I could always take it in my purse with me just in case I need to freshen up. My hair looked like it just came out of the salon and it didn’t leave my hair all crusty. The best part was that it left my hair feeling nice and fresh until I took a shower the following night.

imPRESS nails 

The first time I ever used press-on nails was in July. I actually was searching for nail polish strips and thought I would give them a shot. I was happy to see that it required no dry time…because they’re fake nails and it only takes about 10 minutes to apply. Plus, they can last a very long time and they cost less than $5!

When I got my beauty box, I was excited to see I got pink press-on nails! They came with a couple of accent nails too, which I put on my ring fingers. The only thing I really changed was the shape. Personally, I’m not a fan of oval nails (on me) but I was able to use the nail clippers and filer to make them a bit more square (with rounded edges). That’s one of the perks of the nails is that you can put them into any shape that you want. Plus, they come in a variety of designs.

Will I ever go back to a regular nail salon?

Nyakio Cream 

Granted that I am only 23-years-old, I don’t exactly worry about the age lines yet, but, this is purely just to keep your eyes and lips nice and smooth. Usually I just use Chapstick on my lips, but this worked so well. I applied half of it the night before and then the other half on the following morning and I was really impressed. They were so nice and soft. Loved it!

Vera Wang Embrace 

I love whenever I get the mini perfume sample. To be honest, I don’t know where people get them from, but my Mom or someone else gives me a little sample from time to time. Granted it’s a very little amount, I use it sparingly.

I have always loved Vera Wang, so when I saw that a sample of her perfume was included in the box, I was so excited. Her scents are so elegant and can be worn by any age group! Truly timeless. I was also excited to see that it had the spray bottle rather than the ones that you unscrew and have to pour a dab of it on the wrist.

Sour Punch Straws

So, this isn’t quite a beauty product, but why exclude it?!

I love to eat sour candy and seeing that this was a little bit healthier than my to-go Sour Patch Kids, I was really excited. Plus, they taste just as good and the straws are fun to pull apart. YUM!

My bareMinerals goodies:

BareMinerals products
[Image Credit: Lexie Metzler]
I can’t forget about my goodies from bareMinerals! When I went to the event, I received:

-A foundation

-Two liquid lipsticks

-An awesome mascara.


The foundation is a perfect match for my skin! Plus, it feels like butter when I put it on my face. All of my “imperfections” are completely covered and my skin is still able to breathe.

One feature that I love about it is that it has a pump, so it dispenses the perfect amount! I don’t have to unscrew anything and make a mess anywhere. Plus, it stays on my face all day long. Another win!

Liquid Lipsticks

I’m usually not one to use anything else on my lips except for Chapstick, but a little lip color doesn’t hurt. They’re both pretty natural, nothing outside of my comfort zone while still giving me a pop of color. I’m not exactly into the trend of purple or blue lips, so I can wear this and feel good about it. They also work really well for fall, too! Definitely excited to keep sporting these colors.


I saved the best for last: the mascara. My favorite feature to emphasize are my eyes and I am always on the search for the best mascara! I can honestly say that this does not clump and still gives the look of natural, yet long lashes.

The wand it pretty cool too, it’s kind of “twirly” and I think that helps to individually coat every lash by itself. 100% Lexie Approved 🙂 !


Which beauty products have you tested this summer? Let me know in the comments below!





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