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Lexie’s Fall Style Guide

If you’re anything like me, halfway through summer, you’re ready for scarves, boots, and leather jackets…

Oh, and can’t forget about sweaters!

While I am not a fan of freezing cold weather, ice, gusty winds, or shoveling snow, there’s still so much that I love about the fall season. I included ice and snow in that list because when you are in New Jersey, the snow can start as early as October (and end in April).

I love the festivities, the beginning of holiday baking season, decorating, and being able to create outfits–given it’s more difficult to put an outfit together without layering. During the summertime, you barely want to wear clothing as it is, so creating cute outfits is a challenge.

With September coming up, I am preparing myself to go through my clothes from last year and see what items I need. And let’s be honest… you’re just as excited about it as I am.

Here are some modest and stylish fall trends to help you get inspired:

Chunky Scarves

If it’s sweatshirt season… it’s scarf season! I used to wear thinner scarves, but now I am loving the idea of wrapping myself up in a big one. Here is my advice:  wear patterned scarves with plain outfits, and plain scarves with colorful ones. There are people who have pulled off wearing a pattered scarf and outfit, but I tend to stay on the safe side.

Chunky scarf 1
[Image Credit: Wachabuy]
brown scarf.jpg
[Credit: Be Modish]

It’s pretty much the best material in the world. Flannel can be worn almost like a jacket, under a jacket/vest, or just as it is. Plus, it looks good both rolled up and meeting the wrist. Because of that, it’s great to wear for fluctuating fall temperatures. With warmer days, you can wear it as it, and when it’s colder, it looks great with layers. Check it out!

flannel 1
[Image Credit: Pop Sugar]
red flannel.jpg
[Credit: Wachabuy]
blue open flannel.jpg
[Image Credit: Impressions Online Boutique]

I didn’t really get into vests until last fall, and I cannot get enough of them. Whether puffy or slim and quilted, they help keep you warm without making you feel too warm! I wouldn’t necessarily wear them on a day that requires a winter coat, but when the temperature is in the high 40s or 50s, if the wind is low, this works perfectly!

fuzzy vest.jpg
[Image Credit: Chic Wish]
brown quilted vest
[Image Credit: Black Cardigan]
quilted vest.jpg
[Image Credit: Shop Style]
Big Sweaters

I absolutely love how big, chunky sweaters look. They are warm, comfortable, and look great on all body types. The best way to pull it off is with a pair of skinny jeans to help keep the look proportionate. Whether it’s a thinner sweater, or a chunky crocheted one, this will definitely be a fall and winter staple this year.

chunky sweater 1.jpg
[Image Credit: Wachabuy]
maroon sweater.jpg
[Image Credit: Buzz Tendency]
knitted sweater.jpg
[Image Credit: Wachabuy]
Leather Jackets

I honestly cannot think of an outfit that a leather jacket does not go with in fall. In fact, you can even wear them on warmer winter days! Now, a good one will be a bit pricey, but if you buy one that is a good quality, it will last for a very long time! I’m not exactly into buying clothes with a high price tag, but if it’s something that can be used for years and you’re definitely going to use it a lot, then go for it. The most common ones come in brown and black and some even have embellishments on them.

black leather jacket.jpg
[Image Credit: Just the Design]
brown leather jacket
[Image Credit: Brown Leather Jacket]


What are your fall staples?




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