Being Blogger Student: What I’m learning about Email, SEO, and How to Blog

In a previous post, I talked about the burden of writer’s block and a few tips to help overcome it. By the way… if you suffer from it too, I hope that you found my tips helpful.

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But believe it or not, running a blog takes much more than putting some words into a text box with photos. There are a lot of “behind-the-scenes” things that have to get done for your blog to be known or even function. Everything from tracking your audience, being aware of your best posts, scheduling your time management, fixing its appearance, strengthening its search engine optimization (SEO), creating email lists (coming soon!), and making sure your social media presence is top-notch, just to name a few.

No pressure.

Throw in your work schedule, being with your family, taking care of yourself, sleep, and other obligations, sometimes I wonder where other bloggers who don’t blog full-time and work all day find the time to do all of it (especially you stay-at-home mama’s).

Heck, I barely have the time myself and I don’t even have as many additional responsibilities as someone who either lives alone or has kids to take care of.

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However, you make time for what you care about, even if that includes some additional education. No, I’m not a student pursuing a degree or taking classes at a university, but I am taking free “classes” offered by a blogger. It basically entails emails that talk about how to do things along with videos that feature experts. While I admit that I am a tad behind on my work, they’ve been very helpful! Plus, I can easily keep the videos bookmarked for future reference.

Right now, I am taking three courses: email, SEO, and blogging.

In the email class, I learned how to create one of those subscription boxes. You know, those things that pop-up on your blog after the reader has been on your page for at least 10 seconds asking if they want to subscribe to a weekly newsletter. Oh, and I didn’t create it from scratch—there is a site that gives you a template to work with. That may sound like the obvious go-to, but I wouldn’t doubt that some major bloggers have techy people who are able to create one from scratch.

I basically chose the information that I want my reader to fill out, the text, color, and placement of the text. It actually took a decent amount of time since I wanted to make sure that it looks perfect. Although, I’m holding off on adding that widget to my blog until 2018, just to make sure everything is running smoothly with my blogging schedule. This first year has been about testing things out, so I haven’t been overly worried about making things perfect. But I still plan to learn about how to make email lists.

For my SEO class, we are learning the importance of adding key words into the blog post in order to drive traffic. So for example, if I wanted to write about the best ice cream topics, the class has taught me to make sure key words are present in both the beginning and end of the article as well as often throughout the post. This way, when people Google ideas for ice cream combinations and toppings, there is a higher chance of the blog post appearing.

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Now about this blogging class—yes, I am taking a blogging class to learn how to write better blog posts. For example, apparently long blog posts are actually on the “Most Wanted List” for many readers! Who knew?! I was surprised because people are all about reading things quickly today, but I guess there are people out there who want a hefty story. To be honest, it’s not exactly easy to teach or even learn how to blog since everyone has their own style of writing. Styles may also depend on the topic you are blogging about. Personally, I try to blog as if I am having a conversation with my reader, so my language is very relaxed (while trying to maintain proper grammar, of course).

You also need to focus on having a strong title, something that will catch the reader’s attention immediately. It’s also a good idea to have a keyword in your title (YAY FOR SEO!). Coming up with better titles is a work in progress for me, mostly because I try to be really corny with my titles.

Other things that I am learning on my own revolve around how to deal with the social media; how to run an Instagram for it; keep updating the Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I am considering learning how to use Hootsuite so that I can schedule posts to happen and live my life a bit more.

But until then, I am learning as much as possible with these classes.

What are you doing to better your blog? Comment below!


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