The Truth About Blogging

Whenever I am asked what I do with my life, I mention my boyfriend, my job, and the fact that I am a blogger, which tends to be a huge conversation starter (aside from the boyfriend). 

People ask what my blog is about, how long I have been blogging for, and say “that’s so cool” as if it must be a super glamorous job. Even though I love blogging (or else I would just stop), networking, and getting excited over new ideas that I have, it can be tedious! 

It seems like people think that all bloggers have a huge fan base, a glamorous home office, and are full of ideas 24/7. But honestly, that’s not everyone’s case. 

First of all, I suffer on a regular basis from the dreaded writer’s block. I realize it’s been a while since I have posted and decided I should, but I can’t think of anything. Another issue is not feeling passionate about the topic when the time comes to actually writing about it. 

Yup, it happens to me every single week. *Sigh*. 

Sooo… How do we/I get through this? Here are a couple of suggestions: 

  • Keep a diary and look back at it: Sometimes when we look back, we remember how something made us feel or a thought we forgot we had. Keeping a diary is good for when we need to remember what happened, but don’t have time to construct a blog post about it. We can write down the concepts, certain quotes and moments, then construct it when we have a little more time. 
  • Look at photos and videos: Let’s be honest… We take pictures and Snapchat videos more often than we want to admit. We might as well make use of it. Use these things to jog your memory. 
  • Write in the moment… I’m not saying to write full blog posts as it is actually happening. But when inspiration strikes, write down a few key words on your phone about it and what the general context was. It’s no secret that some of the best topics come to mind at random… We might as well work with it. 

Now that summer is halfway over, I decided to get myself organized for fall rather than catch up on my lack of posts recently. Coming soon is a new Pinterest DIY involving pie! Yummy! I am also working on a post about my summer adventure from last week that I cannot wait to share with you! What am I not doing? Being mad at myself for not keeping up as well as I could. Don’t dread over it. Just keep going and you will get there. 
Have any other ideas for overcoming writer’s block? Let me know in the comments below! 



  • Adrienne Thorne

    I like to leave notes for myself in my phone, when inspiration hits, so I don’t forget. I’ve practically always got my phone on me anyway!

  • Jerry Windley-Daoust

    Set a time to write and stick to it…even if it means that you sit down and write “blah blah blah” (literally) for fifteen minutes. A lot of times, you just need to get unstuck.

    Another idea: Do something physical to unlock your brain. Brush your teeth. Shower. Scrub the floor. A lot of times activating the “motor” side of the brain will unlock creative ideas and inspiration.

  • Anni Harry

    Read a. lot! And, keep a running list of topics, as they come up. As you write about one topic, cross it off the list and replace it with another one. Keep at it.

    And, I agree with Jerry – set a time to write and stick to it.

    You’ve got this!! 🙂

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