I Spent Time With Myself…This is What Happened…

It’s one thing to be home alone for the night, to live away from home but have roommates, or to be home alone for a few days but have a lot of plans. But having the house to myself for four days, and two days of those (in a row) having no plans was a great reminder that I shouldn’t be afraid to have time just for myself. It was nice to be in a totally quiet house and to schedule house cleaning with the plans I had for myself that day.

I woke up Saturday around 9:00 am so I could shower before going to my boyfriend’s house (I had to leave at 11:00 am and I take forever to get ready). Despite giving myself a full two hours, I JUST made it and left my house a few minutes past 11:00 am to get to my boyfriend’s at noon.

After spending my Saturday with him, my personal time began and it was both relaxing and also pretty productive. I started my Sunday at 7:30 am, which isn’t painfully early, but definitely was not my normal 9:00 am Sunday wake up. But I did it anyway because I was visiting a nearby shrine for Mass rather than going to my home parish. I always love visiting cathedrals, shrines, and old churches whenever possible. Since the day was totally mine to plan out, I took advantage of it. That’s not to say I can’t do my own stuff when my family is home because I can, but I figured I’d go big or go home and knowing that I only had my own schedule to worry about was a bonus.

I got to the shrine at 9:15 am, just 15 minutes before Mass began. The Mass there was a little different from the one at my home parishes, but even Catholic Churches can add their own little touch to Mass, as long as the main parts are the same and they don’t do anything against Church teaching. For example, after the homily, a microphone was passed around and people shared how the homily related to their own life… something my church does not do. Another different thing was when the priest asked parishioners if anyone had any prayer intentions and welcomes us to share them out loud. Not all Catholic Churches do this. I know at my church, we just say it in our hearts.

Spending time at the shrine_edited.jpg
Statues [Credit: Lexie Metzler]
Shrine of St. Joseph_edited.jpg
Statue of St. Joseph [Credit: Lexie Metzler]
After Mass ended, I took a walk around the statues, saying a prayer at each and then spoke to one of the 70-something-year-old parishioners for over an hour. He was a really nice guy and our conversation would take 1,000 words to write about, so I might just save it for another time.

He was a really cool elderly man, I will say that.

After that, it was finally time to go home and continue with my busy schedule. I ate lunch, took my car to get a car wash, went food shopping, and picked up the book, “Always and Forever, Laura Jean,” by Jenny Han. I recently read the first book of the series, am currently ready the second, and just had to pick up the third since I know I am going to read through the second really quickly. After putting away the groceries, I gathered the trash and look a little bit of time to read. I was happy that it was still pretty early in the afternoon, but I didn’t have the energy to do anymore chores/cleaning, so I let myself just watch some television and ordered two slices of pizza from our nearby pizzeria.

The whole day really gave me a taste of what it might be like once day when I am living by myself… having to balance out responsibilities with free time. I finished my day with video chatting my boyfriend and reading.

Today (Monday) was a little less busy. I did leave my house to take my mom’s car to the car wash, but other than that, I just dusted and cleaned the bathrooms and caught up with my “summer school”/ free blogging classes I am taking. I considered grilling a burger for dinner, but didn’t since that’s what I’m going to be eating for the 4th of July. Instead, I heated up some frozen food and it was perfect. 🙂

It may seem crazy that I am analyzing this weekend so much, but it really did feel like I was living totally and completely alone for two full days. I had no plans with friends and very little interaction with other people. I got done a lot of stuff that I have been putting off, such as clearing out my old laptop. It was nice to finally check that off my list since I was supposed to do that a year ago.

I ended my day with a nice “chocolate” bubble bath, face mask, and my book.

Overall, even though I wasn’t paying any bills, I still felt like an adult and enjoyed the personal time. It reminded me how important it is to take time for yourself once in a while, whether you’re single or in a relationship. You need to spend time with yourself. Take time to reflect and re-group, even if it’s just a “stay-cation” used to catch up on some things and doing your own thing.


What types of things do you do for yourself? Let me know in the comments below.





  • Jen Rego

    I love to hike as a little escape, but I need too start again, it’s kind of fallen by the wayside. Reading too!

    I think it’s important to remember to take time sometimes to just BE. We need to be cautious around the western mentality that our woo teeth is tired up in how much we do and how quickly, and being busy for the sake of being busy.

  • Reconciled To You

    When I am alone, I love to read the scriptures, or a good spiritual reading and contemplate and journal – probably sounds so ‘oh what a perfect Catholic girl answer” lol but really this is my go to I’m alone treat … with a new flavored coffee or tea 🙂

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