How to Get Out of the Repetitive Rut

Wake up, eat, get dressed, go to work, eat dinner, take a shower, go to sleep… repeat. 

Doing the same exact thing every single day starts to weigh me down. Although I love having a routine, after a while, I get bored! There’s nothing to get excited about after a while and everyday starts to become a blur. 

Then weekend? Yeah, those are great! But what about the other five days of the week? 

If only the weekend lasted longer than the work week…

Sigh, we can only dream. 

I started to notice that my life felt like a song on repeat and I started getting sick of it. However, it was not until Wednesday night when even my mother mentioned it that I decided I have had enough. It is time for a change. 

We all know that if one way doesn’t work, try another. This can be so difficult because we are always on the go and that’s why having a steady set-in-stone schedule is so comforting to us. During the craziness of each day, we have something constant to rely on. We know that following a certain pattern every day will get us to the end. 

But just because our lives are hectic, doesn’t mean we can’t make small changes to spruce up the week and make it a little less repetitive. 

For example, my mom and I went out to eat last night. 

Eating out on a work night? Really? 

Yup. And it was perfect. We went to each at a casual restaurant right on our nearby lake. Usually we only eat dinner out on the weekends, but we needed to make a change. Plus, the smell of the lake water and the atmosphere was a lot more relaxing than going home, immediately doing house chores and making dinner. Even if you can’t go out to eat, maybe order in pizza during a week day night or make breakfast for dinner once in a while. 

Look at then activities you are doing at night. Is it possible to swap TV for a board game? Maybe go for a walk after dinner and try to put house cleaning in another time slot. 

Another idea is to make your morning better. I know most adults watch the news, but what about reading a page or two of a book while eating (this is mostly geared to those without kids or those with kids in college)? Maybe even change up your morning routine. The only person who decided it has to stay the way it is, is you! 

You can also change up what you eat for lunch. Maybe give yourself a heat-up meal rather than the normal sandwich you eat. Another option is to go out for lunch on another weekday rather than Friday. Even if you go alone, you can spend some quiet time with a book and a sandwich at a nearby cafe. 

Making changes may not always be easy, but it can be done! Take some time to see what your weekly schedule looks like and see what you can do to switch things up. 
Have any other ideas? Let me know in the comments below. 


Here is a photo of our view from Wednesday’s dinner! [Credit: Lexie Metzler]


  • Adrienne Thorne

    It’s funny, I personally love having a routine, but now I have two little kids who don’t necessarily agree! I’ve found that going for occasional walks really spices our day up and are usually just the thing for when they start getting bored.

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