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Looks I Love, By Kate

Okay, so I’m going to lay it out here plain and simple.

I’m obsessed with how Kate Middleton pulls off outfits so well.

Seriously, whether she has a stylist or she dresses herself (or both), that chick has style.

Not only are her formal outfits stunning, but her casual outfits are still so chic and glamorous.

With summer right around the corner, I felt we could all use a little inspiration.

Here are some of my favorite Kate Middleton outfits:

kate with printed pants
[Credit: InStyle]
Not everyone call pull off a pair of printed pants, but she pulls it off like royalty (okay, that was cheesy, I know). I would love to wear this to work one day. Even though it has all neutral colors, in a weird way, it has so much color to me. This outfit is perfectly balanced, allowing the pants to steal the show. Nothing is competing with these pants but the neutrals aren’t boring one bit! This outfit says “I’m sweet, but I’m in charge!”

blue and white kate dress
[Credit: E! Online]
Out of all of her more casual dresses, this is by far my favorite. Personally, I feel like it’s very difficult to pull off a blue and white outfit (I know it looks weird on me), but she looks absolutely flawless in this! Again, she sticks with a nude heel since the dress is the center of attention. The pattern on the dress flows perfect with her shape: A circle up top, am emphasized waist, and a vertical pattern having to emphasize her height. Even though the dress is fully knee-length, it still looks young rather than making her look like an “old lady”. So flattering and if anyone knows where I can buy a replica for under $200, I’d totally be willing to try it on 🙂

[Credit: Celeb Buzz]
Okay, okay, okay, so there’s nothing super special about the outfit except for these two things. Number one, she’s part of a royal family and is in a sweatshirt…not exactly something we see every day. Number two: Prince William is helping to adjust is and they’re just too cute together. Gah!!!

This image just does to show that yes, royal people are people, too.

kate layer dress
[Credit: Daily Mail]
Again, I feel like this dress is something that only she call pull off. I know, I have actually tried on something similar once and it did not look this good at all. The colors look perfect on her, the way that the skirt is tiered, and the slight turtleneck looks perfect on her. The embroidery is also something that I normally wouldn’t wear personally, but the how good she looks in it makes me want to try it on.

Seriously, tell me someone else who could pull this look off…

ramdom dress
[Credit: Pinterest]
Again, who on earth could pull off this dress?! It has kissy marks, butterflies, and skulls, just to name a few. To be honest, I don’t even like this dress but it looks SO good on her.

Her hair is also perfectly waved.

So basically, I have concluded that Kate Middleton can pull off any outfit.

off the shoulder dress
[Credit: Pop Sugar]

Just in case you weren’t done obsessing over Kate… I know I’m not.

This print is usually something I would complain over since I’m not huge into dainty flowers. Yet, it looks so trendy and classy on her! Plus, those earrings are absolutely stunning! I love how she paired them with the dress.

We also don’t see showing off her shoulders like this. She’s worn some spaghetti strap dresses with a lace overlay, but nothing like this. I do have to wonder though how she manages to move her arms.

Nevertheless, this dress is absolutely perfect (like her)!


What do you think of these looks? Comment below.


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