I’m Almost Done With 22 … Here’s What’s Next

Back in April, I wrote a post about all of the things that happened to me this past year. If you read it, you’ll know that I learned a lot of lessons.

I couldn’t be more excited for my birthday… not only because of all of the birthday wishes 😉 (kidding!), but because of all the exciting things I hope to accomplish in the near future.

I decided that you guys are going to hold me accountable for all of these things that I am about to list. Some of them will probably be more realistic than others, and some things are going to be just generally more simple.

  1. Fix-up this blog: As I stated in my previous post, I created this blog because it was something that I have been wanting to do for myself for a very long time. However, I will admit that I have not exactly been the best at updating it, engaging my audience, ect. I plan for all of that to change, because I know if I don’t, this blog won’t be going anywhere. I decided to pick specific topics to write about 2-3 times per week (and actually try out things on Pinterest…the whole point of the blog in the first place), engage followers on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (which you all should totally follow me on), and connect myself more to the blogging community. Blog appearance wise, there are still a couple of things I am tweaking, but I definitely think this blog has come a long way since I started it.
  2. Treat my body better: I am the worst at eating healthy and have definitely been slacking on my exercise routine. As much as I say I am going to change, this time I have to because I am also going to be sharing my “health journey” on here as well. NO MORE EXCUSES. I can tell my energy during the day feels low sometimes and I am sure it’s because I have been bad about eating more than just carbs. I have a gym membership… I should probably use it.
  3. Spend less time on social media: This probably sounds a bit counteractive from my first goal, but I’m talking about bored scrolling and procrastination scrolling. I use social media a lot and I don’t see that changing,  but letting myself enjoy the world around me rather than gluing myself to my phone when it is not necessary…that I can do. Of course you do your morning and night scroll, but I could probably spend only five minutes of scrolling Instagram before bed and spend the rest of my pre-sleep relaxation reading.
  4. Be organized better: My room can turn into a disaster in the blink of an eye and it is embarrassing. But I am making a vow here and now to work on keeping up the appearance of my room (especially my closet…eek!).  I also need to do the same for my car.
  5. Try new things: I always do the same thing over and over again. Whether its clothes or places I eat, I definitely need to switch things up. I recently got a coupon book and I definitely plan on using them up so that I can try some new places. The only difficult thing is that I am a picky eater….so I’ll see how well that works out.
  6. Pick up an old hobby again: I used to love to bake, but now I barely pick up that wooden spoon. I am hoping that my Pinterest “DIY” can help get me back into the swing of things. I do not like to cook, but I do LOVE to bake and it’s something I would never want to grow out of doing.
  7. Visit new places: I’m no world traveler, but I wouldn’t mind going on a road trip, visiting another state or even just new areas in New Jersey. There are some places in the “Weird NJ” book that seem kind of cool and I would seriously consider visiting some of those places.
  8. Save money: This one can definitely be tricky, but while I am living at home, it might be a good idea! I kind of already am, but I definitely can do better.
  9. Keep myself in check more: Whether it’s being kind, selfless, or just knowing who I am, it’s important that I remember to take time every week to reflect on myself, see the areas of myself where I could be doing better and how I can totally change habits that just need to go away for good!
  10. Learn something new: There are so many skills out there that I feel I could definitely pick up on. As much as I love writing and using social media, I wouldn’t mind learning a thing or two this upcoming year.


Got any other ideas for me? Comment below.




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  • nonalcoholicstudent

    I think what you’re doing here is better than new year resolutions because it’s way more personal. If more people did this, they would have their own personal deadlines to reach and not just fall off in February. This is a really great post and I think another one to add to your list would be to keep doing what you’re doing!! 🙂

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