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Selected for the Season: Lexie’s Dress Picks for Spring/Summer 2017

As much as I love comfy clothing, I also LOVE to get dressed up once the weather is at least 70 degrees. Dresses for church, family/friend gatherings, weddings, date nights, and the classic “girl’s night out”, I say that a great selection of dresses is necessary.

We need some fancy ones, one or two relaxed dresses, and of course the floral dress. It’s also a great idea to have shoes that you can wear with at least a couple of the dresses, a cardigan or two for the chilly days, belts for waist emphasis, and statement necklaces.

Here are my dresses for this season:

“Burlap” Dress

tweed dress_edited
[Credit: Lexie Metzler]
While I’m not 100% sure that this dress is made with burlap (it probably isn’t…that would be very uncomfortable), it definitely has that country feel to it. If you get a dress similar to this, be careful that it doesn’t wash you out. I know I have a light skin tone so it is easy for me to get lost in tan/sand colored dresses. Wearing a bold belt, shoes, or necklace should help.

I believe I got this dress at Loft, but I do not remember.

Little Black Dress

black dress_edited
[Credit: Lexie Metzler]
Okay, so I don’t really wear mini dresses, but a black dress is still a staple. To be honest, I can wear this during the winter  season if I wear tights and the right shoes and accessories. Black dresses are timeless and classic, so feel free to keep it on your closet year round.

What I love about this dress is that you can interpret the pattern a floral or snowflakes. It also has a nude inner lining so it has that “see-through” effect in a classy way without having to be naked underneath.

I know for a fact that I got this dress from Dressbarn.

Floor Length Coral Dress

coral dress_edited
[Credit: Lexie Metzler]
Here are my three favorite things about this dress:

-It’s comfy

-It’s stretchy

-The empire waist is sooo flattering!

I can honestly say that I wear this dress the most. It is perfect for graduation parties, relaxing gatherings and with the right accessories, I can wear it to church (but it’s not my first pick for that). I usually wear this with black wedges and a statement necklace. As stated above, this dress is bit on the stretchy side, it flows so freely, and it’s an empire waist so, I love how it makes me look. Instead of having the waist near my hips, the seam runs just a few inches below the ribs.

Did I mention I love this dress?

I got it this at Old Navy!

Floral Dresses

[Credit: Lexie Metzler]

If you follow me on Instagram (@4theloveoflexie), you’ll recognize the dress on the left from Easter.

I absolutely love floral dresses for spring and summer. When I am feeling super feminine, I feel pretty fabulous in it. I own two of them because I wear them so many times. They’re two completely different styles, but have the same concept, but both made by Calvin Klein, are made with the same material. This dress is perfect for more up-scale parties, weddings, and church. You don’t really need any accessories except maybe classic pearl earrings and a neutral color bag or thin bracelets like Alex and Ani.

As long as the shoes are a solid color, you can basically get away with any color shoe (flats or heels).

I got these dresses from Burlington.

The last dress I usually would wear (but need a new one) is a white lace, knee-length dress. I used to have one that I paired with a braided brown belt and it looked so cute! Unfortunately, the dress is too small for me now, but I am definitely on the lookout for a new one.

Got any dress suggestions? Comment below.



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