Rambles From an Almost 23-Year-Old…

One of the battles I constantly face as a blogger is the dreaded writer’s block.

I started this blog because I felt I had so much to share…and I do. Yet, when I have an hour to myself to put a post together, I have no idea what to say. I even think of ideas throughout the week and type them into the notepad on my phone.

But once again, when time comes, everything I was going to say slips my mind.

It’s really annoying.

But for once, I actually have an idea of what to write about…what I have learned within the past year.

See, I am turning 23 next month…okay…at the END of next month. I turn 23 on Memorial Day, actually.

Before I even share what I have learned, can I just say that I don’t feel like I am turning 23 at all. I know that number isn’t old…but it’s like, “I’m officially in my 20’s.”

Maybe it’s because when I was younger I thought that 23 was so old but at the same time, I couldn’t wait to be in my 20’s. Now it’s weird that I’m here and for some reason, it doesn’t seem real to me. However, my colleagues laughed at me the other day when I mentioned that I am turning 23 next month. To quote them, “Girl, I’m turning 40,” or whatever age they are approaching.

I also think that it has to do with the fact that I am no longer in college and it’s like, “Okay, this is it. You’re officially entering the real world.”

Nevertheless, my 22nd year was filled with so many exciting things. I graduated from college almost two weeks before that, and my party soon followed, so I basically spend three weeks celebrating.


I also got to go to Wildwood for the first time, took a trip to Canada with my mama, and went on my first business trip.

Pretty exciting stuff!

Howeber, during my 22nd year, I learned a lot about change. I graduated college and started learning how to “adult” once I accepted my current job. It was kind of crazy going from a college lifestyle to a working adult one. I kissed waking up past 8:00 a.m. goodbye (still the hardest part) and have been trying to get to sleep a little bit earlier every since.

The best part about working (I must say) is that once I leave work… I am done for the day until I go back the following morning. When I was in college, I went to class, had some club meetings, went back to my dorm, and did homework. Having a full-time adult job, I don’t have “homework”… I get to actually be home and enjoy it.

Another thing I had to learn was to take chances. It took my about four months to land a job (once I began to seriously look) and some things in the job descriptions were unfamiliar to me. However, you can’t let that hold you back from applying. Unless it is absolutely required that you have knowledge of it, there are some things that you can learn relatively quickly during your training.

Similar to that, I also decided to start this blog. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I feel so lost…not knowing how to manage a blog. But I am willing to be patient with myself and know it’s not a competition with other bloggers (not for me at least).

Would I like to have hundreds of thousands of followers? Of course! But that will grow over time and I have to realize that things will not happen over night.

For all I know, it will take years.

I had a dream to run a blog and that’s what I am doing. I know I want to improve it over time and I am doing my best to learn something new every week. Truthfully, when you start something you really want to do, that’s all you can ask for sometimes.

You got to start somewhere.

Something else I learned is to try new things. Please know that this is coming from a very picky person. I don’t try many different foods and I do not like change. However, sometimes trying something a little outside of your comfort zone can be inspiring and help you learn something about yourself.

Don’t be afraid to see something in life differently. I am positive that there will be things I will be learning about myself throughout my entire life.

Embrace new things.

At the end of the day, I would say that my 22nd year was pretty good. I had so many memories, good and bad, but I know that it’s all meant to help me grow.

During my 23rd year, I plan on growing this blog as much as possible. I also stopped some of my favorite hobbies over the past few years such as horseback riding and baking! I should try to re-visit some of those activities. I may even try to learn some cake decorating.

Before I put this post to rest, something that I learned while typing this is this: If you have writer’s block, just start typing and it might just come to you.


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