Four Ways to Start the Spring Season

Finally, the 20 degree weather seems to be gone for good.

Despite some wind, the birds are chirping, the temperature is reaching the 50’s, and before we know it, the flowers will be blooming.

Spring is all about renewal…what was once dead is coming back to life.

Personally, I celebrate this with Easter (which is a whole other story). Others have different ways of marking this season of being refreshed. It’s a great time to write that list of things you want to accomplish, get rid of the old, and get yourself excited for the season of warmth approaching us.

Here are a couple of tips to help get rid of clutter and feel fresh:

  1. Clean 

I would be lying to say that the idea of cleaning makes me want to do a dance. I mean, who wouldn’t choose the idea of staying in bed with Netflix over scrubbing the toilet? But, to be honest, once I start, it actually feels really good! Clean out things such as your room (especially your closet), your phone and other electronics, your car, and other places that need a little TLC. Store away your chunky sweaters for fall, swap out your shoes, and refresh your accessories selection. If you have items that you no longer want, spring is a great time to bless others in need (let’s be real though, we should always be trying to do that). Donations can go beyond just clothing items. Donate some kitchen items that you haven’t used (and probably won’t), blankets that no one used even when it was freezing, books you don’t care to keep, or games your family no longer cares to play. There are SO many places that take any kind of donation. Just Google it!

Also, since it will be a bit warmer outside, show your car some love, too! I’m a water bottle hoarder but once a month I know I need to throw them out. Shake out the mats, wipe down and vacuum the interior, and take it to the shop to make sure everything is running smoothly. No one wants to break down while on a spring/summer road trip. It’s also a good idea to make sure you didn’t miss your car inspection, get your oil changed, and see what else needs a little care.

While you’re at it, take your car to get a good wash. I know my car is covered in nasty road salt.

   2.Get Organized

Believe it or not, the party season is slowly approaching. Whether it’s a wedding, prom, or a college graduation party, those invitations will be in your mailbox before your know it. Tackle your planner now so you can easily write-in your upcoming events, see how much time you have to get an outfit or gift, and not get anything mixed up. Get rid of old sticky notes and make sure all of your appointments are written in correctly. Having an organized planner can help you think much more clearly, trust me.

It’s also a good idea to get your files on your electronics organized. Print out some of those photos, get rid of the bad ones or duplicates, and free-up some memory on your devices. No one wants to be at a get together and  not be able to take photos because they have no more space on their phone for it.

It’s also a good idea to delete some of those old files on your computer. If you’re too afraid of losing them forever, put them on a flash drive and then get rid of the file. Make sure you label the flash drive!

   3. Make Healthy Changes

If you’re like me, you say the phrase, “I’m going to eat healthy this week,” every single week.

If you’re like me, you’ll also have that promise shot by Wednesday, if not earlier.

We know it’s important to eat right, but maybe telling yourself that you’re going to completely change every single thing about your diet is just too overwhelming, especially when your body is so used to carbs and fatty foods.

With spring just around the corner, the last thing you want to feel is sluggish. But if you have been saying that you’re going to be eating healthy since New Year’s Day and it just hasn’t happened yet…why on earth would this week be any different?

My advice to you (and I will try myself) is to either go meal by meal, and make sure something in your meal is a healthy alternative compared to what you would normally eat, or, choose two or three healthy meals to try out during the week. Having it planned out ahead of time makes such a difference and starting out with just a few super healthy meals each week will help you feel less deprived. Trust me, eating healthier results in two things: wanting to keep it up, or wanting to eat an entire pie of pizza, usually the latter. Eat one healthy thing after another, but don’t be afraid to treat yourself.

   4. Inhale Positivity, Exhale Negativity

Negativity truly hurts one person…yourself. Choosing to hold onto grudges and icky memories only brings you down.

I once heard the saying, “Holding a grudge is the same as letting someone live rent free in your head.” The truth is, the situation or person you are holding onto has probably moved on. If it is meant to be part of your life, it will be in its time. However, constantly thinking of the bad will only put a negative effect in your life.

Instead, start each day with a grateful heart. As cheesy as it sounds, journaling all of the positive things in your life every time you wake up can actually help you find the silver lining in every day. You can also pray, meditate, read a good book, or listen to your favorite music. How you start off your day is a good indicator of how your day will be. Open the windows, breathe, and remember there is more to life than the negative.

Another way to add positivity is to help other people. Make it your goal to either help someone or make someone smile every day. Putting good vibes in the world adds up, and while it does not always happen, sometimes helping someone will inspire that person to help someone else, causing a domino effect.


Got any other ideas? Let me know in the comments below.



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