Media Trend: Glamorizing Obesity?

Bullying is wrong.

It always was and it always will be. Regardless of religion, culture, gender, sexuality, age, ect…no one has the right to put someone down.

Another category that people are often bullied about?  Their weight.

Whether you’re fat or skinny, no one should feel that they are less of a human being because of it. It is true that bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. There is also no set standard for “healthy.” Some people just have a bigger build than others, or have a slower metabolism. Some people have illnesses that cause them to gain or lose weight beyond their control.

I get it and my heart goes out to those people.

But there is still a trend in the media that’s only been growing faster every year—glamorizing obesity. It seems the media is saying that being fat is “cool,” and I’m not sure that it’s sending out the right message.

Specifically, it seems to me that the “body positivity” movement has gone from teaching people to love themselves to encouraging people to partake in unhealthy eating habits.  Being part of the body positivity movement does not change the fact that some people are at risk or have high blood pressure, diabetes, and other medical issues that can lead to death because of the fact that they are choosing to stay on their unhealthy path when substituting junk food for healthier food  could reverse these health issues.

I have seen television shows and photographs in the media of people who are overweight and are saying, “Haters are gonna hate/ I’m fine the way I am” while eating fast food and supporters cheering them on with, “don’t listen to others, you’re perfect.”

Many public figures have also been advocates for unhealthy lifestyles by claiming that they have made peace with their bodies and choosing to forego a better diet and exercise because they want to make a point to the world.

I am not trying to judge others, although it is probably is coming off that way. I may not understand how the person got that way, but that doesn’t mean that it should be glamorized.

It’s fine to glamorize the fact that people have different body types.

It’s fine to glamorize the fact that women are beautiful regardless of shape and size.

But what is not fine is glamorizing these unhealthy habits. Yes, curvy women are beautiful (as are thin women), but while some women are both with it, others weren’t,  and that is where the problem lies.

Now, does this mean that you should comment to those women that they need to change their eating habits? Absolutely not.  However, encouraging it definitely does not help either.

My hope is to see the body positivity movement become solely focused on ending the bullying that both men and women experience due to their weight and to bring awareness that women and men naturally come in all shapes and sizes.

More so, within this movement, I hope to see the encouragement of healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

Let’s make healthy lifestyles glamorous.




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