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Lexie’s List of Spring Essentials

While mother nature does not seem to agree here on the East Coast, spring is just around the corner. That means it’s time to store away our pea coats, winter boots, and wool sweaters.

Spring can be a confusing season for fashion; it’s chilly in the morning, and warmer in the afternoon. We want to be warm during our commute to work, but that heavy long sleeve sweater might leave us a little too warm once noon rolls around.

Switching our color pallets can also be a challenge. Panatone has released their official Spring 2017 colors, and it’s pretty different from this past fall/ winter report.

Before I get into my list of must-have items, remember that there’s no rush to change all of your clothing. In fact, who says you need to go by Panatone’s pallet? Clothing colors are all about what feels right for YOU, not what society says you should wear.

And if what you wear and what society wants you to wear is the same, then so be it!

Here is my list of must-have items for spring:

1) A neutral cross body bag 

kate spade bag
[Credit: Pinterest/ Kate Spade]
I absolutely love neutral cross body bags. For one, they go with basically any outfit. Whether you are in jeans and a cute top or in a spring dress, a tan, grey, or white bag will go with any outfit! You can even wear it with yoga pants and a casual tee-shirt for running errands on the weekend. Even if you put on a leather jacket at nighttime or for a chilly spring day, it will still go!

Cross body bags are also easy to wear since you don’t need to worry about it falling off your shoulder while shopping with your friends around town. The only downside is that you may not have enough room for the 20 million objects you would normally carry with you (that’s my problem). However, if that’s the case, you can also opt for a neutral shoulder bag, or be more selective about what you want to carry with you.

Your best bets for buying one, especially if you want a higher-end one, are TJMaxx, Marshalls, or Burlington Coat Factory. (Hint: You don’t need to actually buy designer bags from its original store. We’re on a budget here and those places sell them for HALF the original price!)

2) Neutral Flats 

neutral shoe
[Credit: DSW]
Can you tell I have a thing for neutrals? Only for pieces like shoes and bags though…anything else, I appreciate color.

A neutral flat is great for two reasons. Number one, it works for both work AND going out. Number two, like the bag, it goes with everything.

I personally love flats because they are easy to slip on and off. You can also opt for a neutral ankle bootie.

Another trend I’ve been seeing is wearing neutral sneakers. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be! My only suggestion is to check with your office’s dress code. I know that mine is casual, but many places are business casual so you cannot get away with it except maybe on a Friday.

Check out DSW or Payless for some good deals.

3. Jackets 

miliatary jacket
[Credit: Nordstrom]
Whether it’s a military jacket, a leather jacket, or a jean jacket (yes, they’re in style), a jacket is a staple for spring! Sometimes it’s only in the high 40s or 50s in the morning, so one of these babies make such a difference on your way to work. Personally, I am always cold, so I stock up on jackets throughout the year so come spring time, I have a variety to choose from (and of course, I get them for a deal).

Get one that’s plain, or one that includes a fringe, patches, or lace on it! If jackets are not your thing, opt for a fleece pullover! There’s a jacket for every type of style.

You can find one anywhere including Forever 21, H&M, Kohls, Target, ect.

4. Capri Jeans 

polyvore jeans
[Credit: Polyvore]
Capri jeans are very helpful for transitioning into spring. You can stay warm with the comfort of jeans that you wore in the fall/winter season while having that “spring” look!

One of my favorite things about Capri jeans is that you can cuff to your liking. Whether you like it as displayed in the picture, or right under the knee, you have the freedom to have the length that you want! I know some people who are not fans of cuffing, but I see nothing wrong with it!

5. Bracelets 

alex and ani
[Credit: Alex and Ani]
Now that the season of long sleeves is coming to an end, we can show off some arm candy! Obviously we wear them during any season, but once it’s past 50 degrees, it’s much easier for them to become part of an outfit rather than being hidden under a long sleeve shirt or sweater.  My favorite accessory are Alex and Ani bracelets or ones with beads all around. Feel free to make them the focus of your outfit if you would like. It’s amazing how well a couple of bracelets can tie an outfit together. Don’t be afraid to stack away, but be careful of wearing an entire sleeve of bracelets.

6. Tank tops 

tank top
[Credit: Pinterest]
‘Tis the season for see-through shirts, fa-la-la-la-la–lala-la-la.

Sheer shirts can look cute, I get it. What’s not cute? Seeing your undergarments!

Black, white, tan, pink, or polka dot… it doesn’t matter. Go to any store and buy a bunch for $1 a piece and keep them handy in your dresser (I promise, they cost close to thing). Throw one on before you put a sheer blouse on and you are good to go!

7. Pastels 

[Credit: Pinterest]
I LOVE pastels… A LOT. I think the colors look so cheerful, fresh, and cute! While this isn’t exactly an article of clothing or an accessory, it is a constant theme in my spring wardrobe. It’s hard for me to pass up a cute pastel blouse or pastel cardigan. Another way to wear it is by wearing pastel accessories. For example, wear a white or grey top with pastel earrings, statement necklace, purse, or shoes. If you are wearing pastel clothing however, stick with silver or gold accessories. It looks so nice together!

Have any other spring wardrobe tips? Let me know below.


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    Om det hjälper är det väl toppen! Kan tycka att en del sknenh¶tsoperatioÃer/knep gÃ¥r till överdrift…men det är ju upp till var och en. Vi kvinnor vill ju se snygga och fräscha ut (de flesta i alla fall)!Kram Annsofie

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