What’s in My Bag: My Everyday Must-Haves

I never know when I am going to need something.

My solution? Carry as much as I can to the point where my bag is basically 10 pounds.

bag contents_edited
[Credit: Lexie Metzler]
I wasn’t kidding! For the record, this is my spring bag and I can only fit so much in a cross body bag. When I have a tote bag with me, I sometimes carry a water bottle around as well.

I also usually have a granola bar or a small snack shoved in there because I LOVE to eat! (I’m munching on popcorn as I type.) Unfortunately, I don’t have enough room to carry makeup with this bag, so if I need to carry extra stuff, I will change my bag. My problem is that most of my spring/summer bags are cross body bags because I am out a LOT more and with a cross body bag, I don’t have to worry about my bag sliding off my shoulder. I also visit the city a lot when the weather is warm, so wearing a cross body bag makes me feel like my belongings are secure.

So when it comes to stuffing things into my cross body bag, here are some items that I absolutely can not be without:

  1. Lip balm and contact lens case

[Credit: Lexie Metzler]
If I go two days without using lip balm, my lips will dry out…FAST. I also have a habit of licking my lips which only dry them out more. Using lip balm throughout my day helps my lips to not peel and crack.

I also carry contact lens supplies in case my contact gets dirty,  or if my eye dries out while wearing them,  or in case I get stuck somewhere overnight and have to store my contacts away (which has happened). I carry all of this in this adorable Kate Spade penguin change purse my boyfriend got me for Christmas.

  1. Power bank

[Credit: Lexie Metzler]
I am always on my phone…probably more than I should be. Needless to say, my phone battery doesn’t last all day. Some days it can last, other days, not so much.

I got the power bank from a friend and ordered the charging cable separately. What I love is that I can store it away and there is also an elastic attached to the side of the fabric case (not shown) so I can make sure my cable is with the charger. My power bank can take my phone from dead to almost full.

3) Tide-to-Go pen

tide to go_edited

My last item is my Tide-to-Go pen.

I always spill my drink on myself and this pen is an actual life saver! Obviously this cannot take out every single stain, but it does a good job with most. You can also tell that this one is heading to the trash soon, but it will most definitely be replaced.

Comment below with your every day “must-haves”!


[Disclaimer: I am not being paid to endorse any of the products shown or listed.]

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