Lexie Reviews: Skin Care for March

I absolutely love trying out new products.

Sometimes I try out a new eye shadow, or my Mom and I will find a new product to try out together. My mom and I got into skin care recently. We went to visit a  friend of ours in New Hampshire who works at a beauty store and purchased a couple of face masks and fell in love with it.

Around the same time, my brother took a trip to Korea where he picked up giant packs of Korean face masks (apparently it’s a huge deal there).

(Side note: This was in July– I’m savoring them).

I have been using face masks on a somewhat frequent basis and must say, I don’t get the major breakouts like I did in high school and even college (an occasional pimple, but nothing major).

Spring is approaching: a season that’s all about starting fresh. We enjoy the warm weather, clean out our closets, why not give our skin a little TLC as well?

Here are my three (current) favorite skin care products:

[Disclaimer: I am not being paid to endorse any of these products.]

  1. Oil Absorbing Sheets by Clean&Clear
[Credit: Lexie Metzler] 


So, I’m going to be honest… my skin can get oily REALLY fast. It might even be because I wear powder over my foundation and concealer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve realized that my face is covered in oil by 11:00 am.

These things have been a life saver! It’s also kind of cool (and gross) that when you wipe your face with a sheet, it makes the sheet see-through because it absorbed the oil off your face. Every time I do this, my skin goes back to normal. However, I tend to use them two to three times every day, so it doesn’t exactly last “long”…but it does work!

(P.S.- It’s pretty good about not smudging makeup! A little bit gets onto it at times, but it’s not a significant amount to get upset over).

You can get these online or in any food and drug stores for about $4.00.

2) Konjac Sponge by Spa Sister

[Credit: Lexie Metzler] 
I have only been using this product for a week, but I’m already obsessed with it. It’s basically a charcoal sponge that you can use to wipe down your face at the end of the day, or even in the morning!  You can use this with or without a facial cleanser (although, for a deeper clean, I would use a cleanser).

Charcoal is really good for your skin, like those pore strips (shout out to Biore)! This thing really does detoxify your skin. After I use it, my skin feels SO soft (seriously). What’s interesting about this product is that no matter how wet the sponge is, your face isn’t dripping wet afterwards. I’m not sure what the science is behind it… but I’m not questioning it!

You can get these online, or try Marshalls!

3) innisfree face masks

[Credit: Lexie Metzler] 
These are the face masks that my brother got for me from Korea. Now, don’t be fooled… it says “squeeze” mask but it’s not a squeeze mask. A full mask is inside the package, you just have to unfold it and gently press it onto your face. Scent wise, the rose one is the most relaxing for me. Also, there are two sets of instructions on the back: one in Korean, and another set in English, so you’ll know exactly how to use it. My one tip is to shake the packet like you would shake an oatmeal package before opening it, that way you do not risk tearing the mask.

What I love about this mask is how much it refreshes your face and how you don’t need to wash anything off. You can either let your face air dry for a few minutes, or lightly pat your face with a towel if you are in a rush. I would use them right before going to sleep, but you can use them any time of the day!

I have yet to see these in any of the stores that I go to, so your best bet is to buy them online!


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