Digging Yourself Out of a Resolution Rut

Remember when the gym was packed on New Year’s Day? Is it still?

I don’t even know since I have been slacking.


Oh, and that promise to make one good healthy meal choice every day? Sorry Ma.

I will admit that by the last week of January, my New Year’s resolutions were shot. Raise your hand if that was you too—I know I’m not alone on this.

Before you give it up completely, remember that it is not even March yet, so there is time to get back on track.

No one said we had to be perfect at this.

The first thing you should do it review what your resolutions were and figure out what caused you to get off track. Did something unexpected pop up? Maybe you don’t have enough time? Figure out what went wrong, and try to find a solution for it. For example, if time was your issue, see where you can fit time in. Maybe you were supposed to go to the gym but you’re exhausted at the end of the day. Can you go before you go to work? Or, maybe you’re taking care of someone. Is there a free weekend you have, or maybe a few hours once per week to contribute to your goal?

Another solution is to modify your resolution. For example, if you do not have time to go to the gym every day, maybe you can do a workout routine at home, or find a good workout tape. Even a 20-minute workout as opposed to 40 to an hour is better than nothing!

Also, make sure your resolutions are realistic. I’m not saying this to sound discouraging, but sometimes we come up with things such as “eating a salad every day,” leaving out room for human error and fun. If you want to wake up at 5:00 a.m. every day to work out, be my guest, but if it’s draining you, maybe do so only two or three times per week. You can skip a workout; eat a slice of cake or a piece of pizza. Heck, have a cheat day once per week.

We’re human, it’s okay!

The second step is to plan it out. If your resolution is working out, then block off time in your planner to do it! Set aside workout clothes for that week, too. Maybe your resolution was to eat healthier. Conduct a Google or Pinterest search for healthy recipes and plan out the days you will eat them. You can also look into programs such as Weight Watchers that can help keep you on track. Are you trying to save money? Check your bank statement and cut out unnecessary spending.

Do you really need to grab Dunkin Donuts three days per week?

Finally, track your progress. Make a check list, write down what you are trying to accomplish so that every week, you can see how well you are doing, and continue to make adjustments as necessary.

It also may be fun to get a group together to do this. For example, I recently met someone who said that she and her friends have started a Fitbit challenge, which sounds pretty fun. Hey, a little competition never hurt anyone, right? If your resolution is about reading, form or join a book club. If you want to be more adventurous, ask your friends, family, or significant other to plan out fun trips with you. No one said that you needed to reach these goals alone.

Keep in mind that even if you fall off during the middle of the year, or even close to the end, it’s never too late to get back on track.

If you have any other tips, comment below!


  • his_sister

    Love this!! For me, putting it in front of me– like pictures or writing quotes that have to do with the goal and putting them up. Another might be finding role models in the area and absorbing everything I can about it.

    • Tisha

      ad PH : vy jste prostě nechápavej. 15 stran ficfiooslkého textu a vy nic (viz Matouš 7:6 ). takže jinak : Dal jste mužovi stejnou šanci jako ženě, aby se stal vašim partnerem ?Roman Drtina

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