My Recent “Adulting” Experience

Friends, I went on my first business trip last week and I feel like such an adult now.

For those who do not know, this was my first time walking through an airport by myself and traveling (somewhat) alone. The excitement is already starting to fade away, but for the first day or so afterwards, it was a pretty big deal to me.

I left on Wednesday afternoon and took an Uber to the airport and also on the way home from it. I also had a connecting flight but managed to successfully find my gate.

It’s pretty sad that I’m 22-years-old and this is the excitement of my life recently.

The airport food wasn’t terrible. Wednesday’s lunch consisted of a sandwich and dinner was a chicken stromboli. All of my meals were provided for me on Thursday through my job, and on Friday, I had to get my own dinner which was a yummy cheeseburger!

I was also pretty proud of myself for packing light.

Yup, you heard that correctly. This girl actually packed everything into a small suitcase. Although, when I was packing up to go home, I accidentally slammed my suitcase on the ground and one of the wheels broke off. Not fun, but now I have an excuse to go mini suitcase shopping!

My other “moment” of the trip was on the way home. I was on my first flight, going from Florida to Georgia and the women on the plane next to me was an elderly lady who expressed gratitude that was not “not some fat person that she would have to sit next to.” This lady also had an oxygen tank that, when we landed, she realized she never turned on and said, “well, I’m still breathing.”

I’m still wondering who let her travel alone.

While my trip was business related, going away reminded me to switch up my routine every now and then. I came back tired, but I also came back feeling refreshed. Something about a little travel is inspiring. It reminds you that there’s more to life than what’s happening in your town.

Take a trip on a weekend, choose somewhere different to eat, make a new friend.

Whatever you do, step outside of your bubble once in a while.

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