Dear Nick, Corrine, and the Other Bachelor Contestants


This is the first time that I am keeping up with “The Bachelor” and for someone whose guilty pleasure is watching “reality” TV, it is quite entertaining.

Of course I know that there is nothing “real” about the show. Much of the show is scripted, I’m sure, and I don’t doubt that you all bring the drama in for the ratings.

Even though I’m a newbie to watching this show… I have to say, it’s a TRAIN WRECK! I don’t know whether the other seasons were this bad, but this season is crazy.  I just watched Nick tells the girls that he is unsure if he can do this, three girls went home on tonight’s episode (not including the rose ceremony), and the sneak peek of next week’s episode shows Corrine about to “get with him.”

Nick, I don’t know if ABC is paying you to keep Corrine on the show or not, but she has got to go! You obviously know that Corrine is causing trouble, but I’m really hoping that you are not being blinded by her manipulation. It seems Corrine wants you for one thing, and one thing only.

To be honest, I’m wondering myself if that’s all you want, too.

I have seen some rumors that you end up with Corrine, but I don’t know if that’s true, or if the media is photo-shopping images and starting the rumors. For all I know, you’re lying in bed with her reading this.

Are you watching this season? Do you really want to be with Corrine? My advice to you is to take some time away. You should go travel, see the world, focus on your career, be with family and friends. Figure out who you are and what you truly want rather than desperately try to find a girl to marry. Like anything else, of course it’s possible that you actually find your wife on this show, but it’s highly unlikely. I may not know you, but from what I have seen on TV, you seem so afraid of not finding someone, that you may end up shutting everyone out, or, end up with anyone so that you do not feel alone. Both are not good.

Please realize that love comes in its time, you cannot force it.

Corrine, what is going on with you girl? Since the start of the show, I have been nothing but worried about you. In fact, I’m starting to wonder how you got this way.

Is there a reason why you feel your worth comes from your body? I truly believe that if you took some time, you could realize that you’re better than that. You don’t need a nanny, you just need to grow up. Also, if you take time to find yourself, you could find someone who truly loves you for you. From a viewer standpoint, part of me believes that the way you act is a way to hide things about yourself/ you’re too afraid to actually open up. You seem to be hiding behind your sexuality. There’s a time and place for it and I can’t say that I can see a real relationship coming out of it.

And to the other ladies on the show: I’m not sure if you aren’t allowed to run away, but run! I know that if I was on that show, I would have left a long time ago, the second I realized Nick kept choosing Corrine. Why does he keep giving her a rose? I have no idea. But what I do know is that if that’s truly what Nick is into (sex), I would just walk away from the set. We deserve men who want to be with the right woman for the right reasons, I cannot say that I see that in Nick so far. Maybe he will have a revelation but I feel that until then, he’s not exactly “husband” material.

We all know that Nick has done this a few times. Sometimes it takes just one or two relationships to find “the one”, and with others, it could take more. But I feel that with each episode, Nick is feeling both confused and desperate. That’s not the best combination.

Obviously I know that the filming is done by now, but this is how I feel so far watching it.

Nick, I hope you made the right decision. Corrine, I hope you find what you need to get on the right path. Ladies, I hope you all find happiness.

See you next Monday,


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